God & Country

I hate to interrupt the series I have been publishing throughout the month, but after last night’s debate and the fallout from it, I decided that perhaps this should be done without delay. I’ll be brief…

This blog was never meant to be political in nature, for there are far too many vocal opinions on those issues already. No, my intent here was, among other things, to share my position on whatever topics seemed relevant, be they scientific, historical, or philosophical in nature. Above all though, each post, no matter the primary subject matter, was to point back to He to whom I owe everything: my God.

In any event, I tentatively came to the decision that this post was one that I needed to say, because it IS relevant, and because it needs to be said. If you like it, or agree with it, or just thought maybe I included some pretty neat thoughts, then great; like the post, maybe even share it. If you disagree with the sentiments here, or just dislike the takeaway in general, well, that’s all fine too, but I do appreciate the time you spend reading the post even if it was just to come to that conclusion in the end. No matter what side you politically align with, God bless, and listen well:

This election is no doubt the most dirty and vitriolic we have ever seen. Both sides are relentlessly pugilistic, either directly attacking their opposition, or passive-aggressively impugning them, (or perhaps even assassinating them?!), all the while trolling the waters of years past, dredging up scraps of regrettable history in order to chum those same waters for vicious sharks and incessantly squawking gulls!

What we are seeing is an example of the child’s “I’m telling Mom!” Strategy, played out by “adults” on a global scale.

What’s worse in many regards is the fact that the actions of these two are contributing to the angst of those who follow one side or the other. How many civilian conflicts have rose from the fallout betwixt Trump & Hillary? There is no mistaking the fact that the gap that once separated conservatives from liberals has eroded into a yawning canyon over the last year or so, and what’s more, that distinction between the ideological poles, indeed the disdain shared by each for the other, continues only to grow deeper each day with no sign of slowing.

People, what are we doing?! I get that the issues are important. Believe me, I understand: I have three children and the world that is daily taking shape outside my door scares me to no end for them. What kind of society are we building for future generations? What kind of America are we leaving for them? The future of the economy, immigration, even the survival of our long-held constitutional rights is up for grabs in this campaign. Make no mistake, I understand the severity of what is at stake, but I also have seen our humanity bleed from this nation as we graphically struggle with each other over these issues and others. What are we doing to ourselves? Our country? What example are we setting for those who look to us for direction and leadership?

Friends, I don’t know where you are on the political spectrum; that’s your choice. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice (I am not a fan of this term because truthfully what choice does the baby have?), for the second amendment or against it, for legalized gay “marriage” or against it, for open borders or against them, etc, etc, etc: no matter where you stand on these issues, and others, there is a clear candidate for you. Beyond that though is a much more profound truth that we often overlook amidst the bloody hate: No matter who wins in November, God is still King of Kings and the Designer of all things past, present, and future.

Believers should hold that truth close, relying on Him to see things through according to His will and in His time. Do you think He doesn’t have a plan for whomever wins, be they conservative, liberal, or moderate in alignment? Do we trust that, no matter what the legal fallout from this election, no matter how drastically laws may be changed by some, He will not see His plan fulfilled to the letter? Friend, I guarantee you that if your faith is in Him, no matter who sits in the White House, His will shall be done.

If you are concerned about the beliefs (or lack thereof) of the given candidates, how their morals and ambitions will unavoidably impact each and every one of us, let me take the opportunity to remind you of two truths:

The first is that God has a long history of using all kinds of people, even those who hate Him, to see His ultimate will accomplished. Was it the intent of the Pharisees that night to crucify Jesus so that His sacrifice would offer the gift of salvation to all, Jew and Gentile alike, or were they just concerned about ridding themselves of a troublesome heretic? God’s will was done through their hate!

The second truth is that that salvation that Jesus died for has been extend to all who would accept it! That includes even those who hate Him. As long as breath yet fills their lungs, it is never too late for anyone to accept the truth, and through it everlasting salvation! If you truly believe in God, in His goodness, in the reality of His promises to each of us, then don’t hate Trump and Hillary: pray for then. Pray that they each would, before all else, come to know Christ, that they would seek His will in their life. Whatever character flaws each may have, they are loved by God, and they still have the opportunity to turn to that truth, whether it happens now or while they are in office. Pray for each of them, for though God can and will use them as they are, they need Him for something far better than any election, than any earthly position or legacy. They need Him as we do, for He is our Sovereign King and Redeemer.

Come November, one will win. No matter who does, let us all remember that for God there are no surprises. He knows what He is doing; It’s our job to do our best to do what He would have us do each day in everything, to trust Him always, and to remember these things as we cast our votes on November 8th.

And if you don’t believe that God is working, that He holds this reality and all that is in it within the palm of His hand, then you have something much greater to worry about than an election…

God bless America, and may His will be done in Her until the end.

Also, before I get any hate mail about the image featured in this post, I would like to clarify my choice there by pointing out that an American flag flown upside down, as per THE UNITED STATES FLAG CODE, Title 4, Chapter 1 § 8(a): “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” Friends, given all that is at stake here, and the hate that it is fostering amongst our population, we are indeed at a time of imminent and extreme distress on a national level…

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Thank you very much, and God bless!

One thought on “God & Country

  1. I sit here and read this and tears come to my eyes when I think of the man my son in-law has become I am proud of you and Christ would be proud of you well done and well said.

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