My Kiddos

I came across this piece I did a few months ago of my children and though I may take the opportunity to share it with you all here.


Katlyn is the oldest, 7, and is our little technophile, spending a lot of time on her tablet watching Minecraft tutorials. Annalise, 3, is our little curly-headed comedienne, always rushing about loudly doing what she can to get the attention she craves, and almost always accompanied by her partner-in-crime, Gundy. Then there is Elijah, 1, our red-haired daredevil who knows no fear, recognizes no limits, and abides by no restrictions. Since drawing this five months ago he has learned to run… God help us all.

These are my babies, and with them I am more blessed than I could ever hope to express.


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Thank you very much, and God bless!

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