A Flood is Coming

This week it is with great enthusiasm that I begin a series about one of the most famous of all Biblical accounts, and a personal favorite of mine: The Flood of Noah. What do you think about this flood? Do you believe the Biblical account, that there was actually a global flood in the year 2,348 BC that utterly inundated the planet, killing all terrestrial life that wasn’t aboard the ark? If you do take the Bible seriously, accepting its claims to this end, then I extend to you a question? What do you know about it, about the ark and flood and the details thereof? Why did God send the flood? How Big was the ark? How many animals were aboard? How long was their stay on the ark? Is there any real evidence for the flood? The answer may surprise you…

Much of our scriptural understanding of Noah, the Ark, and the flood comes to us from Genesis Chapters 6-10, and within those many verses comes an amazing tale of dedication, adventure, and drama, and behind it lies an utter wealth of amazing insights and technical justification. Keep watching because over the next few weeks we will explore these questions and more!


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Thank you very much, and God bless!

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