Joshua: Marching to Revelation

It has been quite a series, looking at a few of the notable accounts from within the Book of Joshua. Indeed much remains to be investigated, many stories to dig into, but this is where I will end our exploration for now. Before completely signing off though, I would like to quickly point out a few notable aspects about the Book of Joshua that seem to be overlooked by many. In fact, I have to date discovered only a single scholar who has looked critically at this aspect of the Book, and I can assure you that once you see these point laid out, it becomes quite difficult to dismiss them. Is there more to Joshua than just an account of conquest, a guide for both spiritual and physical success against the enemy? Could it be that Joshua is actually a prelude, a foreshadowing even, of the Book of Revelation?¹ 

Briefly, consider the details.

What is the book about? It tells of a seven-year conquest, the taking-back, of a land inhabited by unholy, sinful occupiers. This conquest is lead by an individual whose name means “Jehovah is our Salvation,” a man whose name in Greek translates essentially to Jesus. Early in the conquest he sends two spies into the land, but as these spies do not necessarily report anything pertinent back to Joshua, they could just as easily be called “witness” to the land. In time, he comes to defeat the enemy with seven trumpets being blown, with signs seen in the sun and the moon, with Joshua ultimately defeating a coalition of ten kingdoms who have aligned themselves under this Adonizedek, the Lord of Righteousness.

Compare all of that to the account of the world’s end in Revelation, whereby a deceptive and unholy leader who has fooled a sinful world of occupiers into following him, will assemble a superstate of ten nations, and against them will come the battle-ready Jesus Christ, destroying them with seven trumpet blasts and wondrous signs being seen in the sun and moon, with the whole engagement lasting some seven years!


As I said, once seen it isn’t something that is easily dismissed. In any event, given all I personally have seen regarding the Word of God, such comes as no surprise. My advice to you would be to investigate the matter for yourselves. Dig deeply into the word and see what it reveals to you, for it is truly a worthy endeavor to do so.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this exploration of the Book of Joshua, and I pray that it will be useful to you. God bless, and check back next week to see where we will head next!


  1. A Challenge for Today: The Day the Sun Stood Still?,” by Chuck Missler, Khouse


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