Change Ahead

In August of 2016, I started this blog largely on a whim. It was to be a social extension, a prelude even, to the book that I was writing. My book is now complete, insofar as the writing and illustrating are concerned, and it currently resides in the hands of my editor, a tome in the process of its first official review. That bridge crossed, I wasn’t content to simply sit back and relax. I intensified my studies, saturating myself in school work and personal growth, and with each new topic came that much more resolve to push on and to grow outwards. One book down, several more to go. Time and opportunity will reveal just how deep that well runs…

We will have to wait to see where that path leads, but over the last few months there was another event that threatens to propel me towards destiny in another fashion altogether. On a bright Sunday morning, I finally confronted a long-coming decision. No longer was I satisfied with self-pacification, riding upon the tides of whim and interest, conducting lengthy internal dialogues with no real resolution. No, it was time to decide, to submit to nothing less than a silent and persistent beckoning. I was drawn forward, before the crowd and to the altar; there I made known my acceptance of the call. The call to the ministry. The call to preach the Gospel of Christ.

For a natural-born introvert, such exposure is almost painful, the gaze of the crowd like a thousand knives sliding across tender skin. It’s unsettling, reminiscent of the cold, violent winds of an unexpected front moving in on a hot day. The chest heaves driving uneven breaths, tremors shuttering the knees, the vision blurs and the hands tremble. It is a sensation that I have had to grow accustomed too, and I am very happy to report that I am far more capable now at dealing with such than I was originally. I am abundantly thankful to the Lord for giving me the drive, and opportunity, to grow more comfortable in such settings. They say that exposure leads to tolerance. I can certainly say that, in this case at least, it is absolutely true. After teaching dozens of Bible studies and preaching several sermons, I have officially been licensed to preach the Gospel. 

What the future holds is ultimately still a mystery, but between my call to the ministry, my writing, and my continuing education, it remains as promising as ever. In the meantime, FOUNDRY4 will continue to receive my regular attention, and in fact, may now see a bit more than it has since its inception. Expect changes, friends. Some will be subtle, others more overt, but rest assured that change is coming and I firmly expect it to be for the better. While it may take a few months for everything to fully transition, the ultimate goal will be a shift to smaller posts, perhaps two or more a week, and as for the scope of those posts…well, let’s just say that things are about to get a bit interesting. Stay with me here, at FOUNDRY4, to see what yet lies ahead. God bless, and thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, and support.

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