Can the Bible be Proven?

Is there any reality to the epic tales of J. R. R. Tolkien? The Wizard of Oz? Star Wars? Of course not, for such are works of unadulterated fiction. Even so, it should go without saying that by and large this world equates the accounts of the Bible in the same way: blatant fiction. Is it though?

We stand here, with this question in hand, upon a vast precipice of inquiry and implication: Is the Bible true? Countless believers have staked their eternity upon the affirmation of it and many today still do. Faith in the scriptures is paramount to the believer’s walk with God, and through that faith comes a closeness that is scarcely capable of being relayed through the written word; it is a closeness that must be felt to be understood.

Even so, is our faith as “blind” as the skeptics say? Do Christians simply believe in spite of evidence to the contrary because they must or because they have been conditioned to? Do we close our eyes to the natural world in order to then see beyond it? Atheists and others can be relentless in their condemnations of our faith as such, for indeed they often see believers as weak minded and backward, more content with fairytales than reality. Friend, I firmly submit to you that it is not the Christian which clings to blind faith, hiding their eyes and fighting tooth and nail against the true reality of this existence!

The twentieth century saw countless innovations, and while some of the perspectives these developments fostered were initially antithetical to Christendom, now, understanding the material that much better, recognizing the implications of the unification of disparate fields, now we can say that reality itself vindicates the scriptures so much so that some commentators have referred to nature as the “fifth gospel!” It is only a partial recounting of the evidence which leads men away from that truth.

Can the Bible be proven? Certainly. From the amazing synthesis between science, history, and the scriptures, to the fascinating realizations that come from seeking meaning in this existence, to each believer’s own record of experience with the faith, the Bible can absolutely be vindicated. But should it be? Next time, we will stoke the fires of that burning question. God bless.

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