Should the Bible be Proven?

As human beings, we go through life with a desire, a yearning even, for something tangible, something solid upon which to anchor our positions. Worldviews are born from this search. In fact, the quest for tangibility fueled the Enlightenment of centuries past, whereby many endeavored to cast superstition out of the way in order to perfect our understanding of reality. That quest ultimately led whole populations to repudiate the Biblical truths they had, for generations, embraced. It continues even now. Our modern world, more so than any other period, has conditioned many of us to such an extent that the old mantra of “seeing is believing” has become a condition of acceptance.

In spite of the voices that decry faith and do their best to dismantle our scriptures, modern research and personal revelation can in fact vindicate huge swaths of the Biblical account, so much so that the entire Holy Book, to eyes unburdened with bias and contempt, becomes undeniably transcendental. Thus, in spite of this, in spite of our ability to rationally and objectively demonstrate the veracity of the Bible, a critical question remains: Should we prove that most holy of books?

The point I want to have you consider is this: if the Bible can be resolutely demonstrated and our beliefs firmly justified in the light of not only what we have seen and felt but also what has been made clear through science and history, what then is left of faith? Is our faith not critical to our walk with God?

Thomas, a disciple of Christ, found himself in a position of personally requiring evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. Upon receiving it from Jesus Himself, Thomas was told by our Savior: “…because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” John 20:29

Ask yourself, does knowing the evidence of our Lord and Creator diminish one’s faith or could it instead bolster it? I’ll leave you to ponder that till next time. Until then, God bless you.

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