Should the Bible be Proven, Continued…

Last week I asked the potentially volatile question, Should the Bible be proven? This week we continue with that question.

Another consideration comes from the acknowledgement that confirmation of various Biblical accounts will invariably insite division amongst sects of believers, erupting ideological rifts as interpretations fall under scrutiny, or otherwise new interpretations threaten to unhinge longstanding expectations. How, for instance, do relations between Biblical fundamentalists and more liberal believers change when each claims possession of evidence that supports their interpretation of Genesis? Further, for non-believers, how does this internal dispute do anything but strengthen their doubt. Is it worth it? Is proving, technically speaking, the Bible worth the social conflict that it will foster?

As George MacDonald said, “Division has done more to hide Christ from the view of men, than all the infidelity that has ever been spoken. It is the half-Christian clergy of every denomination that are the main cause of the so-called failure of the Church of Christ.” (The Complete Works of George MacDonald)

For my part, I will tell you this much: the fact that our faith has a demonstrably solid foundation that is tangible and utterly justifiable in the light of history and technological insight is a fact that cannot be ignored, nor should be abandoned. The truth is the truth regardless of whatever feelings may be incited, in spite of whatever pet interpretations may be bruised or buried. Despire whatever internal battles are stoked, no matter the appearance to outsiders, there is an undeniable viability to the pursuit of truth, further the resolute demonstration of it. God, as the sole author of this reality, would not have left a breadcrumb trail of evidence for His existence and intervention had He not intended someone to follow it! Of this I am convinced! Even so, there is the pitfall hidden amidst this most honest of endeavors: seekers of the truth must beware of preaching more about the integrity of the Biblical account than the Creator and Author of it!

You see, in my own case, were it not for God using the evidence of the Biblical account to open my eyes, I wonder where I would be now. If not for the reality of the Bible being demonstrated to me I’d have likely never known that which is abundantly more convincing to the soul: my personal experience with faith and my walk with Christ. Whatever I have learned of the tangible aspects of the faith, be they scientific, statistical, historical, and beyond, all utterly fail when compared to the faith born in me through my personal relationship with my Savior. That truth is as far exceeding in brightness when held against my objective studies of reality as is a waning flashlight against a thousand young suns.

Can the Bible be proven. I absolutely believe so. Should it be? That is a matter you must decide for yourself. As for me, in light of where I have been and where I yet hope to go, I am pushing on so that others may also come to know the truth and appreciate it, even if it means they must first anchor it to objective evidence. Every journey, they say, begins with a single step…

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