Precision & Tuning

Design speaks of creation, and creation must be attributed to an intelligence. Over the last few weeks, this has been the basis of our exploration. We have, before ever even touching on the particulars of cosmology, biology, and other fields, established that the very makeup of our reality, one bearing rational laws and structural integrity, speaks of a creator. This week we find that the elements of design go deeper. The universe, it seems, was made for us in particular.

There exists in our universe a unique arrangement of criteria that seem custom instituted for life. Proponents of this perspective refer to it as the “Anthropic Principle,” and the implications of it are far reaching. Through technical investigation, researchers have come to recognize that there are a vast number of precision-tuned details which must be in working order across this universe for life to exist here. Further, for the believer, these details point only to the handiwork of a Creator.

Consider for a moment the nature of subatomic particles. Atoms are formed from congregations of protons & neutrons, orbited by negatively-charged electrons. Research has demonstrated that the protons are some 1,836 times larger than the electrons of an atom, yet the dance between them is absolutely critical to everything we know, for any discrepancy in their mass and coordination in either direction, then the stability of entire universe would be affected! The dance extends also between the protons and the neutrons of atoms, whereby the protons, if any heavier at all, would make the atom inherently unstable, rapidly decaying into a range of other particles, ultimately and irreversibly damaging the very structure of our universe. Everything from the chemical composition of stars to the makeup of water would be impacted.

Looking beyond the atomic world, we find other indicators of pinpoint precision and design across the universe, including the chemical  properties of water relating to its solvency, density, and thermal aspects, and others. Building on this are layers of precision found in the protective properties of Earth’s atmosphere, providing a complex yet delicate balance of gases that shield us against overwhelming climatic instabilities.

A number of these critical criteria come from space too. Consider the distances of stars in our galaxy. Though untold numbers reside within the murky swirls of the Milky Way, just a slight difference in the distances would affect orbital patterns and destabilize Earth’s climate.¹ Furthermore, the size and placement of the sun, moon, and planets within our solar system  are remarkably important for their gravitational effects,  each of which playing a role in keeping the solar system, as well as Earth itself, balanced and in proper order. Even the elemental composition of each impacts the weight, and subsequently the gravity, of each, maintain incredible balance!

Here I have listed just a few examples of the precision-tuning identified by the Anthropic Principle, but as of the time of this writing more than 150 individual criteria have been identified!²

Examples of such precision exist seemingly every place we look, and each reveals this reality and everything about it appears to be custom-built for life; for us.

As the physicist Max Planck said: “According to everything taught by the exact sciences about the immense realm of nature, a certain order prevails–one independent of the human mind . . . this order can be formulated in terms of purposeful activity. There is evidence of an intelligent order of the universe to which both man and nature are subservient.”³


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