Weekly News, August 5th – August 11th, 2017

Weekly News from around the Globe. God bless, everyone!

Top Story: PAPER: YOU WILL GET MICROCHIPPED, EVENTUALLY – ‘The vast majority of people will not put up with this’

Also in the news this week:

  1. DISNEY NOW TARGETING PRESCHOOLERS WITH ‘GAY’ CARTOONS – “Children’s program featuring ‘family’ of 2 lesbians”
  2. Planned Parenthood’s Gender Identity Guide For Preschoolers is Complete Insanity!– “The nation’s largest abortion provider just released guidelines for parents instructing them how to talk to their preschool-aged children about gender identity”
  3.  ‘BITCOEN’: 1ST CURRENCY ‘JUST FOR JEWS’ TO LAUNCH – “Automation option so trading operations may take place on Sabbath”
  4. Chicxulub Crater Theory Mostly Smoke – “The Chicxulub impact has become the iconic tale most secular scientists use for the so-called major extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs…”
  5. FEDERAL SCIENTISTS LEAK SWEEPING ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ REPORT – “Clash with Trump administration on environment hits new heights”
  6. Ginormous, 70-Ton Titanosaur Is the Largest Dinosaur on Record – “The newly identified titanosaur was so immense — 69 tons (62 metric tons), which is equivalent to the weight of nearly one dozen Asian elephants — that it has claimed the title as the largest dinosaur on record, surpassing the previous record holder”
  7.  Heavily armoured dinosaur had ginger camouflage to deter predators – “Study Analysis of organic material from the 110m-year-old nodosaur suggests it had red and white camouflage, indicating its spikes alone did not put off predators”
  8. Evolutionary biologists identify non-genetic source of species variability – “When I give talks, this is what surprises colleagues the most, that the environmental effect is on par with the genetic effect, and that it is not systemic but highly specific to important bones involved in fish feeding.”
  9. Gene editing may make pig-to-human organ transplants a reality – “Researchers at Harvard University report in a new study that they have used the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technique to enable pig-to-human organ transplantation without disease transfer…”
  10. New device can heal with a single touch, and even repair brain injuries – “A new device has been developed at The Ohio State University, which turns cells into other types of cells required for treating diseased conditions. During testing, one touch completely repaired injured legs of mice over three weeks! “
  11.  The Great Pyramid of Giza is hiding mysterious chambers that could be about to reveal their secrets– “Great Pyramid of Giza could be about to give up a secret it has been hiding for more than 4,000 years thanks to mysterious chambers.”
  12. RUMORS OF WAR: What Will Happen if a Nuclear Bomb Detonates – “As the United States volleys verbal assaults back and forth with North Korea, end-times expert John Shorey warns a nuclear bomb could trigger an electromagnetic pulse, which would destroy life as we know it.”

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