Forging a Worthy Blade

Adversity is a fact of life. Trouble will come; never let anyone tell you differently. Sometime though, hard as it is to see it at the time, trouble is necessary to make us better.

There are periods in life where we may feel tested, where things simply are not going as planned. While the reasons for this are diverse, one of the most overlooked catalysts comes in the fact that God Himself sometimes pits us against adversity. We are tested, it seems, for we sometimes need to be.

We want what we want when we want it, right? That is the underlying mindset of our modern culture, and it has fostered many a conflict. The riots seen across the US in the wake of President Trump’s election demonstrate this wonderfully well, as masses of disappointed individuals flocked together to protest. They didn’t get the results they wanted or expected, so the order of the day – fostered by the culture of our day – was to publicly pout, whine, and throw a tantrum. Agree or disagree, the point is that sometimes disappointment is handed to us with God’s blessing.

God tests us, you see. Trials come time and again. We see this today as much as we read in the Scriptures. Consider for a moment a moment the story of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22). God tested Abraham by instructing him to sacrifice his son, Isaac. As we looked at before, there are some incredible implications to this event that go well beyond the obvious. In the midst of this terrible trial, Abraham was actually part of a greater plan. How many times are we ourselves in the midst of a test without realizing that something greater is to come of it? Friends, it is a matter of faith; our faith in Him can and will take us through it all.

Another fantastic icon of faith persevering against adversity comes in the account of Job. A good man, godly in his ways, Job was set in the middle of great adversity by Satan who sought to rain trouble upon him until he turned from the Lord. Even after the loss of his standing, his wealth, and even his family, Job persevered, withstanding the blows of the adversary. What’s more, Job ultimately ended up better after it was over than he begun. Bad things happen, but the trick to managing it comes through faith in God alone.

As bad as things may get from time to time, if we trust in God with diligent faith, we will be made all the better for it in the end. Like a sword put through the fire, trials can make us stronger if we allow it too. It just takes faith and a focus on the One who controls it all. If we let Him, He will teach us, He will grow us, He will make us into so much more than we could ever be alone. Adversity, trial, suffering it all brings us closer to Him if we let it.

Like a good father, he may test us and challenge us, but He will never give us more than we can handle ( 1st Corinthians 10:13).

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