Whispers in the Heart, Part 11

This week we continue on with the first chapter of my “Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” God bless, and stay with me as the story unfolds with the next post…

The looming implication of the question that visited me that night echoed throughout my mind for a time. Over the following months I came to accept, after much consideration, that there was, in fact, a god who, at least at some point, had been at work in our world. I even came to accept a very weak version of Christianity, which at best recognized Jesus as a prominent guide more than anything else. The Bible, I still believed, was little more than an allegorical user’s manual for living in a socially-acceptable fashion; a guide for how to behave. Nothing more.Nothing less.

Despite my acceptance of the notion of Christianity, little truly changed about me. Though my approach was a bit softer, I was essentially just as predatory towards believers as I was before, feeling a compulsion to explain the miracles of the Bible and the divinity of Jesus naturalistically, describing them simply as rare phenomena. At that time I still clung to deep-time and evolution, or at least a theistic variation of it,¹ and I pushed these views relentlessly on many of the believers around me, still feeling it necessary to do so, to ground their faith to something, as I saw it, real. If I didn’t, I reasoned, who would?

A Dream Within Reach

After the birth of my daughter, dreams of owning a biotech company and commercializing that technology surged back to the forefront of my mind. It was finally time to start reaching out again, yet the question was “how?” That start I was looking for came quite unexpectedly one evening as my wife and I were dining out, the subject of the company coming up while we waited. I began talking about the future, my plans for us and our daughter, and various factors about the company itself, while Sharee patiently listened. As I rattled on, she reached out, grabbing a business card tacked to the notice board we were standing near. She turned to me, and interrupting my babbling, offered the card, suggesting that I would need help in order to get things moving.

Tentatively, I looked at the card, and, seeing that it belonged to a local financial planner, I immediately considered the implications. Could this individual help? Would he be the first of those to assist me in making my dreams real? Over the next few days I would take the card out and study it, feeling the texture of the material between my fingers, absentmindedly studying its colors and design, mulling the notion of contact over in my head. I knew that if I reached out to the owner of this card I would have to be smart in my approach. IBS was anything but traditional, its goals provocatively unorthodox. I would be asking him to join me in the impossible. Could I do it?


  1. Theistic Evolution describes the belief that evolution was used by God as a means of establishing diversity of life upon the planet

The Story Continues with the Next Post…

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