Whispers in the Heart, Part 18

This week we continue on with the first chapter of my “Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” God bless, and stay with me as the story unfolds with the next post…

Glimpses of Reality

Late one evening in the final days of that November, nearly twenty months since I first began seeking partners for the company, I sat at my computer designing promotional materials for an eventual presentation, Brahms softly playing in the background. From all the disappointments of the past few months, knowing that ultimately it all would reach a breaking point, I found it exceedingly difficult to concentrate. My progress was painfully slow, with only the briefest moments of inspiration marking periods of deep contemplation; hot flashes of lightning across a dark and unsettled sky. Little was being accomplished.

Out of frustration, perhaps shaded by a bit of boredom, I decided that I would rest for a while to ease the storm within my mind. Following habit, I settled on watching a documentary. As I scrolled through the choices, one in particular piqued my interest, being about dragons and dinosaur.¹ Although the title told me little about the context of the film itself, my fascination with both paleontology and mythology dictated that I try it.

My initial expectation was that the film would present material documenting how ancient cultures formulated dragon legends based on their discoveries of fossilized dinosaur bones. In reality, the film detailed the global historic accounts of dragons and posited that they are in fact based on encounters between man and remnant dinosaurs, presented from the position of Biblical young-earth creationism.² I was surprised and annoyed once I realized the intent of the film, believing it to be a great deal of nonsense, yet something about it compelled me to stay my hand. Over an hour later, I sat back in my chair, credits rolling across the screen, reviewing what I had just seen.

For many years I had been secure in my understanding that I fully grasped the reality of both evolution and deep-time. It was a scientific certainty, as real as Newtonian physics, as tested, tried, and irrefutable; there was no alternative that could be logically concluded based on what we knew. Evolution was a documented fact, I assured myself, and the notion that the universe could be only a few thousand years old was beyond preposterous. I was also intimately familiar with dinosaurian paleontology, understanding that the entirety of their order, save for their avian descendants, died off during vast cataclysms some 65 million years in the past. I was certain of these things, and nothing had ever given me pause to consider any other option. Until that night…


  1. “Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution,” 2010 Cloud Ten Pictures, based on the book “Dragons or Dinosaurs,” Darek Isaacs, Bridge Logos Foundation, 2010
  2. Young-Earth Creationism, sometimes abbreviated to YEC, refers to an oft-criticized ideology which is based primarily on a literal interpretation of the Genesis account that posits that the universe, Earth, and all life were created directly by the Biblical God sometime in the past 6,000 to 10,000 years

The Story Continues with the Next Post…

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