Whispers in the Heart, Part 20

This week we continue on with the first chapter of my “Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” God bless, and stay with me as the story unfolds with the next post…

I was beginning to see that there was much, much more to the Christian faith than I had ever appreciated prior, and for the first time in my life I could see reality as it truly was! We were not simply the blind result of some happy accident. This world, full of life in all shapes and sizes and kinds imaginable, land-bound, airborne, aquatic, subterranean, and everything in between, was no cosmic mistake. No! Creation was evident. Design was evident. The very structure and function of nature demanded that a Guiding Hand have been present, and a wealth of evidence from a wide range of scientific and historical facts not only supported this assertion, but clarified the image of that Creator by singularly demonstrating that the Bible alone is accurate beyond the constraints of time and knowledge. The implications of that grand epiphany were far reaching and powerful for me, beyond any adequate description.

January 27th, 2011, I conducted a meeting with the partners, and in attendance was a new prospect. I had known Jeremy Hawthorne for most of my life, always admiring his insights, and as part of my revitalization efforts, I had decided to give him an opportunity to participate in our venture. Given the situation, some fresh ideas could possibly do the company good. The meeting was fantastic, full of energy and promise, as Jeremy impressed the group with his unorthodox approach to investment, describing efforts that centered on targeted socialization events rather than traditional boardroom deals. We all were in agreement by the end of that day, accepting Jeremy into the fold, hoping that he would bring success with him.

On January 29th, just days after the meeting, I received a call informing me that Jeremy had been arrested for armed robbery. I was stunned by the news, and with it came the realization that International Biological Services was doomed. Not only had my last effort failed, but it did so spectacularly. Only later did I learn that Jeremy was afflicted with a subtype of schizophrenia, and though he was treating the symptoms, his actions on January 29th were allegedly fostered by an adverse reaction to a new medication. The damage though had been done. The die had been cast. Fate, it seemed, was irreversibly in play.

Over the following days I spent much time in tormented reflection. I began to doubt my chosen path in life, weighing my alternatives. I made two choices at that time. The first was to recognize the obvious: IBS was dying, and with it all of the work I had put into it. I knew I needed to just kill it, end it once and for all, but I couldn’t then. Not yet.

The second decision I made was to accept that I needed to finally consider a new path for my life. Leaning on my talents, I made the choice to try my hand at the arts, writing and illustrating. For a brief time I worked on a graphic novel based on a concept I conceived in 1997, inspired by an outbreak of unexplained amphibian malformations in North America


  1. Charles W. Schmidt, “Amphibian Deformities Continue to Puzzle Researchers,” Environ. Sci. Technol., 1997, 31 (7), pp 324A–326A

The Story Continues with the Next Post…

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