Whispers in the Heart, Part 23

This week we complete our preview of the first chapter of my book, “Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” God bless, and thank you so very much for all your interest and comments on this series. 

For a time I struggled with the future, unsure of how to move forward, lacking the direction I once held. I simply wasn’t sure of how to apply my talents and what I had learned, but I understood at least the need to. In 2012, however, focus returned to my heart, and with that came direction; this book is but the first step on a path I have no doubt been called to walk. While I still possess a great interest in many realms, reading and investigating the works of science and history, I am now officially a student of Bibliography, working my way towards an authentic academic achievement. Furthermore, as this book demonstrates, research into the deep field of creation science is a daily calling; the intrigue of the whole scenario as daunting as it is fascinating.

On a personal level, I have changed for the better, yes, but my family still contends with a man obsessed. My drive to explore that ancient world and the One behind it, in many ways, consumes me now just as my company years ago did. As has always been the case, they are more than supportive, and though my obsession may be nobler now than in past interests, my family still suffers from an often absent husband and father. Such is the nature of these things, I suppose. Pray for them, pray for us all, as I continue to struggle with finding balance between the people I love and the studies I am dedicated to.

My journey years ago began in utter loss, yet something bid me go forth into the unknown, into a dark forest of lies and confusion with only the dimmest of candles at the outset. It did not take long however for that soft flicker to become a roaring blaze, pushing back the dark of that shadowed and tangled wood and revealing the truth hidden therein, concealed by those that would have it lost.

The ultimate course of my path is still unfolding, but since it’s outset I have come a great distance, and with my family at my side, I intend to go much further still. Come whatever may, I am secure in my faith that He will lead me where I must go, doing what I must do, for Him, my family, and for all who are willing to consider my story and how it came to be. As such, I commit this work as a record of the greatest gift I have ever received, itself the greatest gift I could ever hope to give: my testimony, my story, of the truth that I found in God through our Savior Jesus Christ. Let this work resound through its silent pages within the hearts and minds of those who so choose to brave its depths, seeking to label me mad by virtue of my passions, or otherwise by it find their footing on the narrow road to glory…

The Story Continues with the Publication of

“Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World”

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