Reluctant Provisions, Part 4

Just one person can make an extraordinary difference if they go forth filled with the love and admiration of the Lord. To borrow a phrase from a friend, we all makes ripples in life. Choose your ripple wisely. How will your actions affect those around you? How will theirs impact those around them? How far will it go in the end?

Consider this story. Years ago, there was a devoted Sunday School teacher named Edward Kimball. He prayed relentlessly about the rambunctious boys in his class, and he tried his best to win each of them for the Lord. One of those boys in particular seemed to miss the point of the gospel, so Kimball went to where he worked, at a shoe store, and confronted him on the matter. That day, in the store’s stockroom, the boy finally understood and accepted Christ as his Savior. That boy was Dwight L. Moody, a man who would eventually preach on two continents, leading thousands to Christ!

The story goes on, you see. Moody’s preaching moved a man by the name of Wilbur Chapman, who himself would come to be an evangelist and preach the gospel to thousands. One fellow who would hear his message and be converted was a professional baseball player named Billy Sunday. So moved was Sunday that he quit baseball to join Chapman’s team. Sometime afterward, Chapman took a pastoral position at a church, so Billy Sunday then began his own evangelization efforts.

Along the way another man, named Mordecai Ham, found the Lord, and he was known for the lengths he would go to share the gospel. Once, while visiting Charlotte, North Carolina, one particular young man vowed that he would not go see Ham preach. Ultimately though, he did, and liking what he saw, he returned again another night, and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Who was this young man who initially refused to hear Ham preach? His name is Billy Graham. Billy Graham, that famous evangelist. Here is a man who has preached to more people than anyone who has ever lived, some 2.2 billion people by one estimate, and how he came to first know the Lord can be traced back all the way to a dedicated Sunday school teacher years before.

kid bible

Don’t doubt how the Lord can use you. You may just be the driving force behind the next Billy Graham.

The world outside is hungry! They are hungry and desperately looking for answers! Right now, they are taking those answers from the most vocal source, listening to preachers of the world instead of preachers of the Word, accepting false doctrines, living lives without morals,  and they are all falling away, leaving their only hope for something momentary instead, something worthless!

Let me tell you something: the Bible has the answers they are looking for! Everything you could ever need to know about life can be found in here in black and white. People though are turning away, leaving the faith and walking blindly into a dark eternity because The Church has, by and large, kept its mouths shut and sullied its walk by walking in league with the world! Why would the lost turn from the only thing they know if no one tells them or shows them differently? How are they going to know if no one tells them?

Can we look at our lives, our own walk with God, and count ourselves blameless for their confusion? Call it how you like, but their spiritual blood is on our hands, as far as I’m concerned!

We can’t make the horse drink the water, but we surely should lead them to where it is at least! Being able to do that starts here, with the Bible!

We need to know the word! We need to invest ourselves in it, dig deeply into it, consume it and let it change us, and grow us, and shape us into what He would have us be!

kid clay

The message continues next time…

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