Perfectly Armored, Part 8

In spiritual matters we should never forget how sinful we all are and easy it is for each of ua to fall. Though we all are made in God’s image, though the knowledge of Him is inescapable, each of us being without excuse as Romans 1:20 tells us, for many a little temptation is enough to bring one to the point of wickedness. Sin finds a way in and it distorts and destroys, and ultimately the result is a society so far from the truth that we can see nothing but evil, nothing but danger. Certainly nothing worth redemption…

Do we see any particular people groups this way? Any particular countries, peoples, or faith perhaps? What then of the image of the Creator upon them? Keep that in mind for a moment.


As Christians, we have put our faith in Christ. We have realized how depraved and sinful we each were before, indeed are now, and understand full-well that it is by His grace alone that we are saved! Was it not that same grace that reached down into this festering pool of sin and plucked us from it, wretched as we were, cleaning us with the pure blood of Christ? Is that same grace limited? Is there a shelf-life to it or is there a boundary placed upon its ability to change hearts? Does race factor in? Does region? Is the sinner kneeling in Japan any more or less worthy of that grace than you or I were? Is a Russian, who was raised an atheist, any less capable of being saved than you or I were? Is a Pakistani, who has turned away from the Muslim faith in favor of Christ, any less than you or I?


We are very blessed for the grace of our Lord, who in spite of whatever boundaries and borders we may impose, has made Himself available to each of us. We all bear His image from birth. It is up to us from that point to accept the grace He has extended us. How then are the ends of the Earth to see His grace if we, His hands and feet, don’t extend it to them in good will? Does prejudice and hate further the Kingdom? Or does it only fan the flames of war and conflict?

Hate. Anger. These things are not of God, friend. When we give ourselves over to hate, or fear, or racism, or prejudice, or meanness just because someone is not like us, you know what we miss? We miss the fact that those who we look down upon bear the image of God.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, friends. It is truly against the evil that leds that flesh, the power behind the peoples. What we must remember is that that battle has already been won! The Lord conquered all on the cross; all we have to do is stand with Him, knowing that no matter what comes against us, we have Him and with Him is victory!

Paul wrote in Colossians 2:15 of how, on the cross, Jesus triumphed over all the forces of darkness, saying how He disarmed the powers and principalities and disgraced them publicly, triumphing over them.

What does Ephesians 6:12 say again?

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

We absolutely cannot neglect this because in doing so we forget the truth. The lost, whether they be national enemies, war criminals, serial killers, or simply our unbelieving friends and family, they all bear the image of God.

The Message continues next time…

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