The Foundation of Belief, Part 1

For the believer, the Scriptures are more than just a book. They are a guide for life, a comforting word, a strengthening voice and so much more. They are the Word of God, trustworthy and authentic. Even so, how many can actually recount the tale behind it? How many know the history of our modern Scriptures? Beyond the ancient works, how did our modern translations come into being? The details behind the story just may surprise you…

Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.” – 2 Thessalonians 2:15 –

The modern Christian Bible has its roots firmly planted in historic Judaism. Their Scriptures were the foundation upon which the New Testament was built, and as it came into being, many of the obscure details of the former became clear in their fulfillment within the later. As the generations passed, the Jews maintained their Scriptures remarkably well, transmitting on precious scrolls the cultural and spiritual history of a nation. They were a proud people, a culture of men and women who had within their possession a direct link to God, their path being set on course specifically by Him. It was within this culture that Jesus Christ was born.

The story of Jesus’s life has been told time and again. Though born under prophetic circumstances in tiny Bethlehem, most of his childhood is a mystery. History however does record that He began preaching His particular ministry in His early thirties, challenging long-held notions about forgiveness, redemption, and judgement. As He traveled mile after mile, followed by His close entourage of disciples, and often times a number of casual observers, Jesus performed great miracles of healing and provision. His fervent popularity was a growing problem for those in authority, and in time, they set in motion efforts to rid themselves of Him. Ultimately, Jesus Christ, the Almighty God robed in human flesh, was apprehended and brutally tortured, in the end being nailed to a cross upon which He died. His death was no tragedy however. It was a long awaited victory; a sacrifice needed to redeem the sins of all mankind.

Crucifixion of Christ
The most amazing aspect of Jesus’s death was perhaps its short duration. The Scriptures reveal that, three days later, He rose from the dead and was witnessed walking, talking, and even eating by at least five-hundred people over the next forty days before ascending into the clouds. Strange? Impossible? However you take it, the reality of the situation is that something truly dramatic happened concerning this Jesus of Nazareth, and we need look no further for confirmation than in the lives of His close disciples.

“The Foundation of Faith” continues next time…

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