Hell & the Rich Man, Part 2

I want to point something interesting out to you for your consideration. As we look at this famous Scripture, you may notice that the characters are given names. Right? We have the figures of Lazarus and Abraham clearly named, and that’s important to notice. Why? Well…It’s important to realize the significance of this because characters are not given names in parables and allegory. These events recorded in Luke, this story of Lazarus and the uncaring rich man, are apparently factual! This event happened, and it repeats itself in a thousand different ways each and every single day!

This isn’t just a story; This took place and the Lord saw fit to let us be privy to the goings on. We often say it’s a parable for convenience, but it likely is so much more. Do keep that in mind as we go through this, and never doubt for a second that both heaven and hell are real, and that punishment is coming for those who reject the Savior.

Far too often these days is this reality avoided. You hear a great deal today about universalism, a notion that a growing number of preachers accept which declares that we all get to heaven in the end. That’s utter hogwash! Nonsense, I’m afraid.

It’s an uncomfortable topic, yes, but Christ himself taught on the reality of Hell, didn’t he? In fact, he spoke about hell nearly five times more than he did about heaven! Paul, Peter, John, Jude, and any number of Scriptural passages all attest to the fact that, ultimately we all reach one of two destinations… and that destination is up to you…

As we look at the Word here, let it shine a light on your standing with the Lord and the salvation He freely offers you. If you are a believer, let this account encourage you as it demonstrates the great reward. And for those of you who haven’t accepted Christ, let this story burden you with the implications of a coming eternity

Let’s all take it very seriously.

So, jumping right in, Let’s look at the differences between this rich man and Lazarus

The rich man, apparently was at the height of prosperity in his life. In his mind – if he believed in God – he may have trusted that his prosperity was a blessing from above. He may have seen this as a sign that everything was good between he and the Almighty.

Traditionally, we find the mindset of both the ancient Jewish religion and also that of the later church one which saw great prosperity as a mark of divine blessing. The more opulent their temples and cathedrals, the more splendid their priest’s adornments, the greater their accoutrements, surely the closer they stood with God. We see a resurgence in this trend today…

Churches being built to accommodate thousands, complete with full daycare centers, massive entertainment features with huge speakers and laser shows, waterslide baptistries, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants built in, and the list goes on…

Prosperity and wealth though are not always signs of divine blessing


“Hell & the Rich Man” continues next time…


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