A Systematic Elimination, Part 2

To be clear, I’m certain that most educators do not possess sinister ambitions in regard to their pupils, nor do they have much choice in what they teach or how they teach it. That duty tends to lie in the hands of those above them, controlled by various boards and councils and governmental bodies.

Whatever the cause, these groups, like many noted evolutionists, continue to support and promote secular naturalism against all evidence to the contrary, funding opponents of creation, legislating against the teaching of such views, and even continuing to promote patently erroneous examples of evolution – like Haeckel’s comparative embryos and the imaginary advancement of the modern horse from cat-sized ancestors – in modern textbooks, many decades in some cases after such examples have been proven false!

Those who rise to support even the slightest civil discussion of any notion contradictory to the mainstream models are quickly and fiercely attacked, dismissed and ostracized amongst their peers. Creationism – no matter the form – is utter nonsense, they declare, and those who support such notions are backwards, ignorant, and even guilty of child abuse!¹ It goes without saying that there are many out there who view creation, indeed faith in general, as dangerous, divisive infections, fit only to rot the minds of its followers with falsehoods, and by extension society as a whole. Others see it as a hurdle to mankind’s technological ascension; a barrier of belief which, based on subjective moral grounds, has continued to stand ignorantly in the path of real societal progress.

We do not live in a world of open and honest consideration of the facts. Everything has been politicized, carefully planned in accordance with the path that best fits the agenda at hand.

Odd as it may seem, the use of secular naturalism, with its tenets of evolution and deep-time, by the governments and other influential organizations of the world is not a new notion. Step back through the years and we see the advocation of its doctrines used by the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, proponents of slavery and apartheid, and eugenicists time and again, declaring that some peoples and races are far less developed – more primitive in nature – than others, and that theirs is to be an existence of servitude and subjugation to those who rightfully should rule. Even now we can detect currents of these beliefs in the attitudes of the privileged, with some reports of late discussing how mankind will gradually evolve into two distinct species: one an ugly, brutish working class, and the other a beautiful, slender species of intelligent elites.2

Strategically, the application of secular naturalism in fostering a culture of nonbelief serves another purpose that has been and yet continues to be useful to governments and other bodies of authority. In fact, it is the path to totalitarianism that has been seen before with the rise of communist nations. Remove the divine and the promise of inalienable rights and what one finds is that the governmental powers that be – whether as an individual ruler or as a ruling body – will fall into place accordingly, demanding of their people a total and unwavering subjugation to the state. Thus gods are made of despots and deities of dictators…



  1. “Lawrence Krauss, Physicist, Claims Teaching Creationism Is Child Abuse And ‘Like The Taliban,” Meredith Bennett-Smith, The Huffington Post, February 2013
  2. “Human species ‘may split in two’,” BBC NEWS, October 2006


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