In The Beginning, Part 1

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Just as God did so then, blowing the dark away with warm, revealing illumination, so too was what He did in me several years ago now.

I was an atheist, an unbeliever, a man so sure of his bead on reality that the existence of a god was unnecessary and unwanted. Like light flooding into a dark room, bright rays pushing away the confusion of the shadows and unveiling details and textures and shapes that had not been seen, or even suspected, prior, that God I didn’t really believe in cast a light on reality before me, fully awakening my heart to the truth! God brought me back from the dark and into the light. He divided the darkness in my life like a keen sword in the hands of a master. And He used the Book of Genesis to do it…

It shouldn’t surprise a soul that Genesis, the Book of Beginnings, rich with all its fantastic imagery and lore, is my favorite of the Biblical works. Offered up within its pages are a wealth of details which, to those unaware of their intricacy, may at first feem too extraordinary to be believable. For those who dig further into the matter, who look beyond the obvious, who are careful to peel away presupposition and lifetime of conditioning to the contrary, what Genesis – particularly the first eleven chapters – presents in fact is a valuable testament to the integrity of not only its own accounts, but also the complete Bible, and by extension, the Christian faith as a whole.

The fact of the matter is that, within those hallowed pages reside layer upon layer of technical and scientific insights which were not known to ancient man, indeed many insights which even today push the limits of comfort amongst the learned of our day. How did such things come to be? How did the primeval author of this timeless document come to the realization of matters that heavily imply a sophisticated knowledge of biology, climatology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics? Those who are capable of understanding the significance of the insights buried between the narrative and the linguistics in the Book of Beginnings just may find their view of reality blossoming into something far more beautiful and evocative than ever imagined before…

At the heart of all such discussion is one’s worldview. In other words, what is the nature of our existence? No matter one’s faith – or lack thereof – we all have a worldview, and distilled to its simplest form, the matter becomes a question of intent: was this universe created or was it simply a cosmic accident? The question is a profound one, with its implications reaching far past the obvious, but beyond that introductory consideration comes four more:

  • Where did we come from?
  • Do we have a purpose for existence?
  • Is there truly right and wrong, or is it all subjective?
  • What is our ultimate destiny?

The confluence of all these present the inquisitive observer with much to consider. Ultimately, when the totality of the evidence is considered across fields as diverse as history, science, philosophy, and even our own personal experiences, then a picture of reality emerges that confirmed one position alone as valid. That position, of course, comes to us as the Christian worldview, and its very foundations are found established within the pages of Genesis…

“In The Beginning” continues next time…


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