A Light in the Darkness, Part 2

We continue our look at an alternative to the Big Bang…

At this point, due to outside forces, the immaterial fabric of space begins to stretch outward in all directions, increasing what is known as the “cosmological constant.” As with the gravitational collapse of the hydrological superstructure, the speed of this outward expansion of the fabric of space was not governed by the speed of light. As such, it occured far quicker than one would anticipate; far more rapidly, in fact, than one would otherwise think possible.

In an instant, under the force of the new conditions, the great black hole transformed directly into a white hole. Now, black holes are characterized by their habit of indiscriminately consuming matter and energy, in the process – by extension – increasing the inherent radius of their event horizons. White holes, being born of large black holes, instead eject the matter and energy that resides within it, ultimately decreasing the size of its event horizon, shrinking into ultimate nonexistence.

Black Hole = Take in matter, growing bigger & stronger
White Hole = Eject matter, shrinking until they no longer exist

black-hole 2
Black Hole Warping Space

To picture the scenario, the fabric of space continued on its outward journey, stretching the material of reality taught, forcing by affect the watery superstructure to cease compression and change course, expanding outward instead. It effectively – through stretching the fabric of space – tore the black hole inside-out! Driven by the outgoing momentum of the white hole’s matter, a huge portion of the superstructure tore away from its deepest, interior region. With that, a  massive tidal wave of this plasmic material (light years in diameter) shot outwards spherically, thinning and cooling as its surface area increased. Behind this wave of primal water, portions trailed and detached in the void between the outer region and the core, effectively birthing density-locked clouds and gaseous nebulae.

Though incredibly hot, the spreading out of the spatial fabric of space forced wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation to become relativistically stretched across the heavens, naturally cooling the tidal wave-like wall of water and the great drifting plasma seas behind it. As a result, this stretching of wavelengths – so the model claims – in time would be observable as the cosmic microwave background radiation.

Going beyond the initial events of the first few verses of Genesis – and via association, the technological insights that shed light upon them – we find that this model, known as White Hole Cosmology (WHC), posits an explanation for the myriad stars and planets of the heavens.

WHC claims that within the cool nebulae of stretching space countless regions of gravitational densities begin assembling the drifting seas of hydrogen, helium, and other atoms -as formed by the initial nucleosynthesis processes – into irregular bodies. At some point, the waters at the furthest edge of space approached and ultimately transcended the event horizon of the white hole, in doing so proportionally shrinking it and decreasing its intrinsic power. At that time only vast clouds of hydrogen, helium, and other elements filled the expanding universe, but that material would soon come to fill it with myriad astronomical bodies. The timing for all of this is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the model, as the cadence of activity across the newborn universe would not have been uniform, but rather dynamic, the whole of reality thus experiencing differing cascades of time…

You seem, WHC relies greatly upon relativistic physics’ ability to experience dilated time. What was the effect of this? As the goings on near the  primordial hydrological superstructure would have taken only days to accomplish, far away, at the edge of space as it was stretched forward even beyond the veil of the event horizon, many billions of years likely passed!


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