A Misunderstanding Resolved

Consider those words and phrases we looked at in Genesis 2, especially the Greek Septuagint version: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. But the earth became without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” While there are certainly some valid linguistic points associated with this rendering, could the explanation be simply that we have overlooked something critical?

Could it be that, initially, God did form the universe with a certain degree of order, and order that rapidly descended into chaotic disorder? I certainly believe so. In further consideration of the White Hole Cosmological model, we find that it maintains that the first created feature of this reality was an ordered hydrological superstructure, and that because of its intrinsic mass this superstructure collapsed into an enormous, black and chaotic gravitational anomaly. From this initial collapse however God reinstituted order, day by day…

Though admittedly speculative, does this not fit with those “hidden” linguistics of the Greek version of verse 2? I believe it does: a low-entropy state of structure collapsed into a high-entropy state of chaos, and each passing day of creation brought gradual clarity and order back into the universe. It fits quite well indeed. In fact, it fits far better from many perspectives than the perineal Gap Theory, addressing not only Scripture but also the physical properties of our universe effectively, and it does so despite whether one prefers the Hebrew translation or the Greek…


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