The Waters Above, Part 1

Embracing mayim as pure water – as opposed to some fervent plasma – has led a number of commentators to suggest the existence of an early atmospheric canopy. There are many researchers in the field of creation (the Institute for Creation Research, for instance) that speculate, both from linguistic analysis and physical evidence, that there was a “canopy” of sorts in the atmosphere in the early earth. Many canopy theorists postulate that this structure was global, encapsulating the planet within a densely-packed atmospheric region of vapor or condensation.

Another possibility involves the geomagnetic suspension of a crystalline canopy composed of super-cooled ice or another crystal. Candidates for this crystalline superstructure include silicate sugilite, metastable hydrogen lattices, phase VII ice, and others. No matter the perspective one subscribes too, there would have been some profound atmospheric implications for such a canopy.

What kind of effects would be associated with a canopy? The first that we could expect would come in the form of atmospheric pressurization. Despite the means or material, if the planet was canopied, there would be a certain increase in atmospheric pressure. In fact, some researchers in this field suspect that the atmosphere may have been at that time between two to ten times more dense than it is now. Don’t underestimate the significance of this matter; there would be some dramatic repercussions for such a canopy’s presence. What kinds? As I noted at length in “Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World,”¹ animal life on our planet would – under such conditions, enjoy the effects of hyperoxygenated cells, leading to increase healing, enhanced growth rates and maximum adult sizes, improved cellular health, and increased mental acuity.

5.01 Megamorphis Animals

Further, if we also consider that the atmosphere would have possessed a great deal of Carbon Dioxide as well, we can expect results from higher concentrations of that as well, including increased plant growth and productivity, along with greatly exaggerated forms of gigantism! The fossil record is littered with massive representatives of many modern day plant and animal species, each orders of magnitude larger than their contemporary cousins. This likely was due to the benefits of the early firmament (among other factors).


  1. Causey, D. S., “Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World,” Book Baby 2018, pp 218 – 232


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