Putting it Together, Part 1

Where does that leave us after all these weeks of meticulously sorting through the details? With all the talk of unseen energy, crystalline-lattice canopies, and space-time distortion, one may find their head spinning as they attempt to reconcile it all. With that in mind, I offer you – as best I can – a brief glimpse into the goings-on of the first two days of Creation. Take it for what it is – high speculation at best – and feel free if so led to formulate your own construction of the synthesis between the Scriptures and science. All I can provide is what I imagine based on what I have come to believe…

In short, recapping the first day, we discussed how God initially instituted the existence of what we recognize as space-time. Centralized in that space-time was an enormous superstructure of pure water, which due to its phenomenal gravitational forces, catalyzed two additional events. The first of these events saw the warping of space-time, forcing it to stretch and thereby slowing the cadence of time at the area of greatest density. The second event to take place saw that same enormous gravity immediately force the waters to collapse into themselves, thereby establishing a massive black hole

0201 - Gravity, Time, & Perspective

With effectively the whole of the newborn universe’s matter collected within the black hole, a huge area of density was birthed known as a gravity well. Here in the gravity well, time itself was stalled to a standstill, yet for everything outside of that hungry, black pit time flowed as normal.

In the darkness of that place, God declared the first words this universe  ever heard: “Let there be light!” In that sharp moment, the elemental forces of the universe fired, and with them fission and fusion began, ripping the water particles apart, forming a super-heated plasma in the gravitational storm of the Deep. What was the byproduct? Light itself! That was the First Day.

After all this, as the Second Day began, God initiated a process whereby space-time (the ether) was stretched outward and away from the Deep, spreading it taught like a rubber blanket. As the intrinsic tension became ever greater, the gigantic black hole of the Deep could no longer resist the pressures imposed on it.  As a result, the Deep ruptured, and in that moment, in a blinding release of substantial energy, the black hole transformed into a massive white hole. Instead of exhibiting a consuming action of the black hole, the new white hole spewed reconstituted matter out.

The ether at the edge of space rolled onward into empty darkness as time there flowed for perhaps eons. Even so, time ran millions or even billions of times slower in the gravity well of the white hole, and at the very base of it all, in what has been termed the Euclidean Zone, time had no flow at all. Between the extreme ends of the well – the event horizon and the Euclidean Zone – God spoke.

“Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters…”

“Putting it Together” will resume on Friday.

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