Putting it Together, Part 2

Things then began to move quite quickly indeed! Faster than the blink of an eye, the matter within the Deep separated. The majority of that hot matter pulled away on powerful, consecutive pulses of energy, with each wave reverberating through the ethereal corridor of swirling twilight like ripples on a pond, its oscillating wake like a banded pattern of denser and thinner concentrations of matter. The dense stream of matter thus began to ascended the well towards the distant event horizon, and a great gulf developed between there and the Euclidean Zone.

Near the bottom, below that cooling matter, beneath the expanse and deep within the gravity well, the loose and still impossibly hot matter that was to be our planet sat patiently. It was here that the hands of God began to move. With His sovereign authority, He thus shielded those primal waters, that exotic matter of our unformed world, from the impossible density and hellish conditions of the surrounding black gravitational storm. At the beckon of the Holy One – His presence the only light in that dark region – the matter rapidly and supernaturally cooled further, changing state and forming in those precious moments a new range of elements. Collapsing into a great sphere under its own gravity, our planet was only loosely tangible at first, existing somewhere between a gaseous and fluid state. Even so, very quickly, the matter there began to condense further, with heavier materials and elements drifting deeper and lighter substances remaining aloft.

On the surface of that nascent planet, a hazy layer of hot vapor drifted above dark, collecting waters, and far below, the rocky foundations of the planet were being tentatively founded. Beneath even them, in the untold heat and pressure of the newborn Earth, a molten core of iron and nickel began to move;  a great, metallic heart beating life into the new world. As the planet came together, the very atoms that made up its form contributed a new and fresh effect. As their tiny nuclei rotated in tandem – every last one rotating in the same orientation across the whole of the planet – a substantial electrical current was born. Through that electrical current and the great workings of the core, an incredibly strong, sustained geomagnetic field was produced, wrapping the planet in great coils of invisible energy.

The surface of the newborn planet – that early watery world it was – thrashed restlessly with terrible waves and immense currents. Beneath them, beneath even the deepest abysses, raged a fervor as oceans of molten rock – hotter even than the surface of our sun – swirled and circulated about. Through the actions therein, came a great seeding of those early waters with minerals and chemicals. Driven by substantial currents, the first eruptions on the seafloor were so powerful that deep-Earth debris, minerals, and steam would have burst free from the dominating grasp of the planet, surging into orbit.

As huge waves swept the surface below, hot vents continued to billow unimaginable quantities of mineral-rich steam and gas high into the sky. Rising higher and higher – perhaps as high even as ten or twelve miles above the roaring waves – tiny particles of sugilite may have become magnetically trapped in the powerful flux lines of the geomagnetic field. Under the unique conditions of that primal place, these crystals began to grow with exceptional vigor, quickly merging and forming a vast, 1-2 centimeter-thick lattice-like superstructure which encompassed the globe.

With the canopy established high above, the gaseous upwellings from below continued seeding the sky with nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur, and other gases. Each planetary belch further pressurizing the now enclosed atmosphere, setting the stage for later developmental phenomena. The firmament was thus born, with the waters high above the expanse separated from those churning fiercely below.


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