Waiting on the Bridegroom, Part 2

Going into this bit of Scripture, I want you to think about something: Is God ever surprised about anything? Does anything ever catch Him off-guard? The truth is No; He’s omniscient. He knows everything that has ever happened! He knows everything that is happening! He knows everything that is going to happen! Nothing has ever surprised God.

With that understanding in place, we can be sure that before the first words were ever spoken and light pierced the darkness, He knew how it would end. Before Lucifer rebelled, He knew what role he would play in the downfall of creation. Before Adam & Eve ever ate of the forbidden fruit, before God ever called them out after their eyes had been opened and they fled into the shadows of the Edenic forest, He knew how it would all go.

He knew they would fail, separating themselves and all the generations to follow them from God and His love by a gulf of impassible, insurmountable sin. Before all of this – before any of it happened- the Lord knew it was coming, and He knew only one thing could ever bridge the chasm of sin that darkened man’s heart.

What I want you to realize is that before there was ever a creation to redeem, the Savior was ready and willing. The cross was not a reactionary decision to mankind’s shortcomings! It was planned before even the earliest days of those bright, edenic mornings.

Sometimes we overlook or forget that. God never forgot it though

And as we look through the Scriptures, we see time and again His efforts to remind us of that truth:

That man brought sin into the world, but a Savior was coming to deal with it. That’s just what He did too!

Jesus Christ came some two thousand years ago to pay a price for us that no one else could pay. He died on that rugged cross to carry our sins away, and miraculously He rose again on the third day! For nearly seven weeks He continued appearing here and there to believers, until finally He ascended into the heavens. We have waited for Him to return ever since…


“Waiting on the Bridegroom” returns next time…

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