Faith in the First Lie

From the values established within us by our families, to the experiences we share with friends, and everything in between, we are in large part products of our environment, shaped by the world around us. I was no different. A great deal of who I was in the past can be attributed directly to my education and my own unrelenting quest to glean knowledge from the world. In fact, in many ways this aspect of my life outpaced all other factors in guiding me to what I would become. Of all that I was exposed to through my intellectual pursuits, none had a greater impact than the evolution paradigm, of how life naturally arose and diversified into all the forms that have existed since its advent.

Whether due to a lack of understanding or perhaps hesitation on how to broach the matter, my loved ones were largely silent concerning the matter as I began to delve into its murky currents. I am sure that for some it was a non-issue, yet for others I believe my interest in the subject may have been unsettling. Outside of my family I did find input here and there, words of advice coming from both those who advocated evolution and those who spoke against it. Ultimately it was my own desire for knowledge and my willingness to accept the word of the authorities that led me down a particular, fateful path.

In truth, I accepted far too much at face value then, rarely questioning the scenarios provided by those writing the articles, giving the lectures, and hosting the documentaries. I have no doubt that the vast majority of people today share my former trust, accepting the evolution paradigm – among other things – simply because the authorities (who should be trustworthy) continually provide us all with an undeniable presentation. Few know of the details concerning the origins and workings of that naturalistic paradigm, and fewer still care to be bothered with such knowledge. For this reason we see the trends happening before us globally.

At present there are over 2 billion people that claim to be Christian, followed by 1.3 billion adherents of Islam, hundreds of millions of Hindus and Buddhists, and countless other less-populous belief systems. Atheists, agnostics, and the apathetic irreligious, on the other hand, number perhaps as many as a billion themselves.(1)

These figures, in conjunction with other data, indicate two disturbing trends. The first is that belief in Christianity is decreasing in the West, with many European nations already declared post-Christian and America following rapidly in their footsteps. Here in the US, the most populous Christian nation on Earth, the shift from belief to nonbelief can be seen clearly, with Protestant denominations in particular showing a decrease in adherents from 69% in 1948 to 37% in 2014. These statistics dovetail with those of the second trend: the “religiously unaffiliated” demographic, containing both atheism and agnosticism, represents the fastest growing classification of belief globally. They have grown here from a 2% segment of the population in the late 1940s to some 16% now. The driving force behind these trends is not hard to figure out…

If only the masses knew the particulars about the naturalistic vision sold to them, if only they knew about the history and truth concerning the evolution paradigm, where it has led us and where it yet shall take us, then perhaps things would be different. Maybe critical thinking would return to the people. Just maybe the truth could be discussed, considered, and known, illuminating the minds of the masses. That information is frightfully vital in determining the worth of the secular model, and vastly important in understanding our place in the universe.

You and I – all of us – have been lied too, and now is the time to reveal that which they continue to hide concerning evolution and the origins of life…

Notes & References

  1. Hackett, Grim, et al, “The Global Religious Landscape A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Major Religious Groups as of 2010,” Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C., December 2012 

– This was an excerpt fromRemnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” Get your copy here today. God bless! –

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