Washed Away, Part 2

Interestingly, even human genetics indicates that the flood account of the Genesis is true. Recall, if you will, that human DNA comes packaged in the form of 23 pairs of chromosomes, half of each pair being provided by one’s mother, the other by the father. That said, it is the 23rd chromosome which determines gender in humans. Females carry a pair represented as XX, while the male 23rd chromosome is designated as XY. As children are conceived, they receive one X chromosome from their mother, yet that contributed by the father can be either his X or Y chromosome. If the father provides an X chromosome, the child will be female, yet if the Y chromosome is provided instead, then the child will be male. Given this direct transfer of the male-specific Y chromosome, all of the sons of that man will share his Y-chromosome, just as the father possessed the Y-chromosome of his father, and so on. 

The nature of Y-chromosomes considered, it should come as no surprise that there appears to be only a single line of Y-chromosomes across the whole of the human race. A study conducted in 1995, published in the journal Science, surprisingly revealed that, based on tests of Y-chromosomes obtained from several dozen men across a range of ethnic backgrounds, there was apparently no variation at all amongst the 729 base pair Y-chromosomal sequence studied. In response to the implications, they concluded that the only valid explanation for this was that there was, at some point in the recent past, a genetic bottle-necking event, in which a great deal of our species was killed off, with all humans alive today being descended from a small group of survivors. 1 Further research over the years has come to recognize that, incredibly, all men today are the descendants of a single father at some point in the past; a man whom the Mainstream refers to as “Y-chromosomal Adam.”

Could that original progenitor of the human Y-chromosome be the Bible’s original man, Adam, with his genes passed directly down through the generations, preserved aboard the ark, and reestablished worldwide in the aftermath?

What’s more is that we find equally compelling evidence amongst female genes. Aside from the typical nuclear DNA of a cell, there is also a small amount of different DNA packed within the mitochondria of a cell. This mitochondrial DNA is passed maternally to the offspring, thus you have the same mitochondrial DNA as your mother, as she her mother’s and so forth. That said, it’s quite telling that, across the billions of humans alive today, there appears to be three primary strains of mitochondrial DNA, and these each are quite similar in structure indicating that all three originated from an earlier shared source not long before their dispersion across the planet. 2

As with Y-chromosomal Adam, secular researchers have designated that source as “Mitochondrial Eve.” Interestingly, this supports the Biblical account of a mother of the human race who passed her mitochondrial genes down generationally, each acquiring subtle differences over time, until some cataclysmic event exterminated all but three carriers of those genetic strains. To emphasize the point further, the Genesis account of the flood tells of how the three sons of Noah brought along their three wives…

It is well worth noting here that even the mutations that have accumulated within our genomes since the beginning tell of a much more recent creation than that comfortably suggested by the mainstream. In fact, studies have noted that the vast majority of our mutations arose only within the last 5,000 to 10,000 years. 3 How could that be, especially for a species that has its origins, according to the mainstream, some four million years ago? Could it be yet another indicator that we are a recent creation? 

Even for those who reject the flood account of Genesis, the point remains that something seems to have occurred some 4,000 years ago that was so devastating it literally rewrote history across the planet, with essentially every culture recording it in their traditions. What’s more is that even our very genes have recorded this event. Is the Flood the cause of it all? Is this world a young one, only appearing older because of faulty interpretations and methods? You be the judge…

– This was an excerpt fromRemnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” Get your copy here today. God bless! –


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