Stellar Stories, Part 5

Going back to Einstein’s work, we find that “c” not only represents the maximum speed at which all matter, information, and particles can travel in this universe, but also within his Theory of Special Relativity, “c” serves to anchor physical space with time into an interwoven dimensional fabric known as space-time. The nature of space-time allows that it can be bent, warped and stretched, with each alteration dramatically affecting what we see as reality. How are such things accomplished? Through – among other things – gravity.


4.10 Warping Space-time Diagram.jpg
Warping Space-time Diagram


Everything that has mass possesses gravity, and the larger the mass, the more intrinsic gravity the object possesses. Gravity is a fundamental force in this universe, and though largely an afterthought to many on this terrestrial sphere, it is the force that keeps us planet-bound and regularly strafing the sun, among other things. 

To tentatively understand the dynamic of space-time and gravity, imagine a taut sheet, representing the fabric of space-time. Dropping a marble on the sheet, a slight curve may be noted in the fabric beneath the tiny sphere. Conversely, dropping a bowling ball on the sheet will lead to a much more noticeable curvature in the fabric. Likewise, the impact of an object with low mass is hardly noticeable and largely localized, yet objects with great deals of mass unmistakably warp the fabric of space-time and that warping can affect reality for some distance away from the object itself. The stronger the warping, you see, the slower time flows…

Now, it should be noted that this example, being essentially limited to a 2-dimentional depiction, is vastly limited in its ability to accurately depict the intricacies of what is actually at play, being that space-time and all that it contains exists within, at least, a 4-dimentional(+) reality. As such, our 2-dimentional illustration would appear quite differently if rendered in four dimensions.

4.11 4-D Space-Time Representation
4-D Space-Time Representation -The dynamics of a given mass (the dark sphere) can be seen in relation to how they alter all localized hyperspatial planes, the red arrows demonstrating the inward pull of space and time 

It all can be quite confusing to visualize, but please bear with me. You see, just as space can be bent and stretched, so too can time itself. The nature of our universe allows time to flow in a relative fashion, following different cadences throughout space depending on the forces at play within a given region. Being directly connected to the spatial warping of gravitational forces, time passes slower near enormous – or exceptionally dense – celestial bodies, such as stars, than it does around smaller planets. This phenomenon may have had dramatic effects on the early creation…


– This was an excerpt fromRemnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” Get your copy here today. God bless! –


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