Summing Up the Data on Deep-Time

We have examined what the three most significant fields involved with the study of history have to say about the past, analyzing their methods and conclusions, and ultimately discovering a patchwork tapestry of ancient ages and young ones, and between both weaves a series of chronological loopholes which inherently clouds the clarity of the whole. What are we to make of it all? Despite the myriad ages proposed across the spectrum, from those of the mainstream on to those who appreciate the authority of the Biblical record, there is in fact indicators that unequivocally declare the age of this Creation is far more youthful than not. 

Though a range of data has provided an equally broad range of prospective ages, in truth we must understand that, like it or not, the youngest ages, by the very nature of their existence, require that their chronologies be the baseline for the age of this existence! Just as the live candle in the cave declares that, no matter what other details may be present, it must have been ignited very recently in the past, so too we find indicators that this creation must be young. Consider how though the presence of carbon -14 in fossils indicates an age of no more than 60,000 years, while other evidences, such as soft tissues within fossils dramatically limits their age to only a few thousand years at most! All considered, the obvious conclusion makes clear several critical things:

First, standard mainstream geology and its inferences cannot be used to accurately set a timeframe for the terrestrial advent of this world. One should be left in utter doubt of such findings based on strict geological interpretations of deep-time when we take into account:

  • the common global occurrence of partial and oftentimes confused geological strata
  • the circular reasoning of index fossils, whereby the age ascribed to one is built on the assumptions of age in another
  • a growing list of out-of-place index fossils
  • numerous polystrate fossils crossing tens of thousands of years of strata or coal layers, and 
  • a wealth of evidence concerning seafloor sedimentation and continental erosion that is completely contradictory to the mainstream account 

What’s more is that we can put no degree of trust in their radiometric analyses either, given the mainstream’s propensity for cherry-picking data to fit the accepted model, and all the new insights into how exogenous stimuli, such as solar neutrinos and cavitation, may affect the reliability of those techniques as a dating standard. The same could be said of practices of thermoluminescence, optically stimulated luminescence, even paleomagnetic dating, as each, like standard radiometric dating, requires a frightful number of initial assumptions, each dramatically impacting the later results. Likewise within the same field of study, yet standing starkly in opposition to the mainstream claims, are those enigmatic radiohalos, each of which declaring that uranium had at some point decayed as much as a billion times faster than it does today and that that process no doubt occurred in fresh, still warm granite, with the whole event lasting no more than 10 days!

Second, biological insights indicate that this creation is young. From the paradoxical examples of living fossils, such as the coelacanth and Wollemi Pine, to the undeniable (and evolutionarily perplexing) structural and genetic commonalities exhibited between living and preserved bacteria, we find evidence that life in essentially all forms is of a recent advent. 

Third, archaeological analyses of human records and artifacts has not presented the whole of the available evidence, instead constructing (perhaps knowingly in some cases) a false record that modifies literally thousands of years of human history. 

In fact, what we find when we review all available and credible sources, often in the form of ignored manuscripts and artifacts, is that of a rich history that can be, amazingly, traced back to the beginning of the new age, some four millennia ago, in the years following a cataclysmic global flood, it too being found in astonishing detail not only in the Bible, but in records from across the world. That flood could easily have provided the catalyst for much of the geological formations and fossils we find today, answering longstanding questions, and providing also the environmental conditions necessary to account for the data obtained in ancient tree rings and ice core sampling. What’s more is that it also gives a reasonable account of how advanced, unmistakably human artifacts and traces are found in strata that lay (according to the mainstream) well beyond the limits of our temporal existence. Finally, all other documentary and environmental evidences aside, we find that even our own genes recorded the event, declaring that sometime in the very recent past the whole of our ancestry was reduced to a single male line (recognized through the ubiquitous Y-chromosome) and three closely-related female lines (known globally by three predominant mitochondrial DNA strains). This too supports the Biblical account, with it telling of a single family, of three brothers and their wives, repopulating the Earth in the aftermath of that early devastation.

Fourth, the cosmological data often referenced in the age debate is simply too riddled with questions, assumptions, and unconfirmed variables to be of any detailed and factual worth. Can we truly and safely ascribe any sure speed to light given the data that indicates that it may have been faster in the past, or that it may yet travel at velocities approaching the infinite around Riemannian curves in space, or even that, as Einstein postulated, we may only be measuring its velocity from a single, insufficient frame of reference? Can we trust the data generated from stellar magnitudes and the intensities of their glow with this understanding in place? Do we put our faith in the mainstream assertions of distance, and their implications in regard to a universal age, based on the current notions about redshifted galaxies, or has enough doubt been generated through the findings that suggest their quantized positions across the universe are a feature of design and not naturalistic chaos? Can we be certain that redshifts have anything to do with distance at all, or are they simple a condition of the wavelengths of light generated by a myriad stars within? 

How old are the dark, abyssal cosmos above, well beyond our terrestrial realm? Does it even matter, given the prospect that some dramatic gravitational event in the past could have relativistically scarred time within this reality, allowing simple days to pass here while vast ages yet may have stretched on across the stars? A young planet within an ancient cosmos? As such, from the perspective of our special world, the Biblical timeline is yet again justified even amidst the seemingly contradictory cosmological evidence of the furthest reaches of blackest space.

In conclusion, it all appears to come to a startling end, one that declares that we exist within a highly organized and designed universe, the whole of its fundamental workings being specifically attuned for life here. Beyond that, we find that unbiased geological evidence supports a young planet, and that unbiased archaeological and biological evidence supports a recent advent for not only life itself, but the human race specifically. We also find that the unbiased cosmological evidence supports, at the very least, a young solar system, with similar evidences reinforcing the youth of our own galaxy and others like it. Finally, what we find is that an unbiased, literal interpretation of the Scriptures supports a young creation. Everything considered, there can be no mistake that we yet exist on a young creation, and that the events of the past came not millions or billions of years hence, but only thousands, perhaps no more than seven millennia ago. 

In the end, are we truly left with questions and a candle flickering in the dark, or can we know after all when it was lit, and just maybe, understand who lit it in the first place…

– This was an excerpt fromRemnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World.” Get your copy here today. God bless! –


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