5 reasons to consider a Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are an integral part of our work at Foundry4 as they can offer greater operability, efficiency and better user experience.

Here’s an overview of 5 key reasons we’re deploying more and more PWAs.

1. Better build management

PWAs can be built using the same stack used to build any other web app, the content can be indexed, and you only need to build them once for the web - making them incredibly efficient to create and maintain.

2. Ability to piggyback onto native device functionality

A valuable characteristic of PWAs is the ability to present them as native apps. This allows them to hook into native device capabilities, and utilise things like notification and location services.

Furthermore, since using PWAs in this way enables them to utilise the device hardware, we see their performance increase when consumed by this native shell compared to browsing a website on a phone.

3. Enhanced operability

Supporting a wide range of functional and non-functional requirements, PWAs can be used on numerous devices, be it phone, tablet, desktop, or web.

4. Ideal for field work

The ability to work offline means PWAs can be ideal solutions for those conducting operations in the field, or where network coverage isn’t great.

For example, we’ve built PWAs to enable offline working and improved efficiency for clients in the Utilities sector by providing real-time tracking, device syncing, dynamic form creation, and integration with enterprise services and multiple datasets.

5. Extremely cost-effective

As PWAs will adapt and respond to different device characteristics we only need to build the solution once, and from a single codebase. This makes them much more cost effective when compared to native app development and app store deployment processes that can still be painful to work with.

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