What is FOUNDRY4?

Chances are that if you have found your way here then you are quite aware of what this blog is about. If not, if you are one of those who stumbled upon this particular patch of digital geography by accident, then I shall happily inform you.

FOUNDRY4 is, in short, a venue for me to broaden the horizons of believers and nonbelievers alike by asking the simple question “Can the Bible be proven, and should it be?” By using the scripture as our guide, and looking critically into the wide fields of science, history, philosophy, and our personal experiences, I am confident that new ground will be reached for all.

I seek to demonstrate through those four areas that this reality is more than just a cosmic accident, that we are more than just chemical interactions, and that the events that surround us are all critical and incremental developments in a plan that long ago was set in motion.

Beyond that, this is the online counterpart of my own personal research, artwork, and ministry, and as such, items and articles regarding each will be featured from time to time, along with compelling perspectives about what’s in the news around the world.

This is my blog. This is FOUNDRY4.



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