Perfectly Armored, Part 2

Last time, we began looking at the Book of Ephesians, Chapter 6. There, believers in Christ are instructed to put on the “whole armor of God.” It’s a fascinating admonishing, and the text reveals much about what we face each day, and the power behind it. The message continues today as we go deeper into the Scriptures…

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Perfectly Armored, Part 1

Man is a peculiar creature. We have, from the beginning, been somewhat predisposed to conflict, war, and strife. Domestically we have confrontations with our friends and neighbors, arguments with family and loved-ones. On a broader scale, we sometimes engage in battles that rob thousands of their lives and freedoms. We make all kinds of excuses for these things, both conflicts close to home and abroad. We justify them endlessly in one capacity or another.

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Reluctant Provisions, Part 5

I’ve told you before that I am a man of obsession. When I find a subject that interests me, I pick it apart. I look at it deeply. I twist it this way and that, follow this lead and that lead and study it until I can reach a conclusion. I’m afraid to admit that my propensity for obsession has, in the past, lead me to some bad places, having me ask questions that perhaps I shouldn’t have asked. Obsession can drive us, and as dangerous as it can be if left uncontrolled, a bit of directed obsession can be a good thing…

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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

It’s Thanksgiving, and you should be celebrating with your loved ones, not sitting around reading blog posts. That said, I’ll be brief. Think of everything you have, every blessing that you have ever received. Its an overwhelming prospect, if we are honest. We need not wait all year long to think of those blessings. We can be appreciative each and every day. Today especially though, let’s all take a moment to be thankful for everything we have. Friends, family, stability, hope, we are all blessed beyond the limits of our imagination. Be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for what is yet to come. Most of all,  as 1 Chronicles 16:34 declares, give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.”

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Reluctant Provisions, Part 4

Just one person can make an extraordinary difference if they go forth filled with the love and admiration of the Lord. To borrow a phrase from a friend, we all makes ripples in life. Choose your ripple wisely. How will your actions affect those around you? How will theirs impact those around them? How far will it go in the end?

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