A Systematic Elimination, Part 2

To be clear, I’m certain that most educators do not possess sinister ambitions in regard to their pupils, nor do they have much choice in what they teach or how they teach it. That duty tends to lie in the hands of those above them, controlled by various boards and councils and governmental bodies.

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“The Official Art…” Receives 5-Star Rating & Editorial Review


“The Official Art of Remnants of Eden” was just awarded its first 5-Star Editorial Review!

Reviewed by Fiona Ingram

“I have not read Remnants of Eden by D.S. Causey, yet the art depicted in The Official Art of Remnants of Eden is so riveting, so descriptive, and so thought provoking that I immediately wanted to read the book itself and delve further into the author’s quest for answers to questions that man has sought to answer for millennia. Is creation the work of a divine intelligence or a cosmic accident? How could matter emanate from darkness? Are we attempting through science and medicine to recreate ourselves as gods? Are we pushing the limits of humanity with biotechnology and nano robotics, transcending creation? Can faith and science co-exist? Cosmology, archaeology and geology are represented as three blind crows, deluding each other as they squawk their findings…

The images are finely drawn, sometimes simple, yet some filled with deep symbolism and small details that the reader might miss at first glance. Each image is accompanied by an extract from Remnants of Eden which outlines the author’s visual statement. Some images are sepia tone, some full color, some a mix, but all are unbelievably powerful and thought provoking. The images of the animals and birds in a primordial world are absolutely fascinating and one is awed by the grandeur and majesty that is creation, and how the first humans must have felt when confronted by an untouched Earth.

The author speaks of constructing the art like so: “One of my first steps towards completing the book was designing the art in such a way that it made sense on one level, yet also stoked the imagination on another, all the while making sense both to me and ultimately others.” He has certainly achieved this goal. The early images show the development through to the finished product, incorporating biology, history, mythology and cultural representations. I very much enjoyed the sketches of dinosaurs. Strong biblical references throughout show the reader the author’s leanings but this does not intrude upon or detract from these visual gems. I would encourage readers of Remnants of Eden to pick up this book of images and read the two together; the latter definitely would enhance the reading.”

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A Systematic Elimination, Part 1

Demographics unmistakably demonstrate that the newest generation is by and large rejecting belief in favor of materialistic interpretations. For others, indifference is the default option. This is an utter shame, responsible not only by those actively leading that generation away from the truth, but also by those believers who passively allow it to go on unchallenged!

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The Bias Against God, Part 2

The issue of bias against creation in mainstream journals, and even centers of higher-learning, is one of double-standards, where evidence that contradicts the mainstream notions of our origins are criticized or excluded from inquiry, while the flawed naturalistic model is accepted outright for its omission of the supernatural…

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The Bias Against God, Part 1

Research into the origins of life, indeed the universe itself, is not limited simply to secular investigations. In fact, several organizations have dedicated their efforts to studying the evidence for Biblical creation. It is within the volumes compiled by such institutions, rigorously tested and peer-reviewed, that a wealth of factual evidence for creation is derived. This research has shed new insights into our origins by closely examining cutting-edge fields including cosmology, genetics, and geophysics. You may question why, if the evidence for creation is so compelling, is it not frequently discussed in mainstream circles?

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The Nature of Scientific Inquiry, Part 2

To be honest, I do understand the position of the secularists in rejecting the supernatural for their own naturalistic models, as it is what they were trained to do, how they have been groomed as researchers. Indeed it’s their responsibility, as they see it, to present their version of the truth to the public at large. The result is a culture as we have today, whereby a belief in the Bible’s authority, indeed any belief in God, is becoming ever more marginalized and mocked. Though I understand their motivations, I cannot agree with their findings. The secular worldview and its researchers, even their very training, seem to inherently pit their views against any truth that may stand against that interpretation of reality, sadly blinding them, in many cases, to the exact nature of this world.

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The Nature of Scientific Inquiry, Part 1

My particular view of the world has always been shaded by a certain degree of analysis and contemplation. From childhood onward, I constantly sought knowledge in some fashion or another, and largely, that has not changed. The difference now is found in my perspective. Whereas before I was ravenously seeking new insights from secular sources and absorbing every new piece of information the “trusted” scientific community released, now I have discernment and, dare I say, a degree of wisdom in such things.

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“Remnants of Eden” Receives Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Rating


-Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite-

Remnants of Eden opens with an insightful quote from the father of quantum physics, Werner Heisenberg: “The first gulp from the glass of natural science will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.” This book brilliantly articulates on some of the important, albeit controversial questions of all time, questions related to the origin of life. A well-researched work that examines the biblical and scientific arguments on the origins of the world, the nature of reality and God, and the concept of time, Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World by D.S. Causey offers a fresh perspective on the seemingly futile arguments that have baffled intellectuals, scientists and philosophers for millennia. But what should one believe? What science tells us or what faith teaches? Find out what this thinker, man of faith, and researcher has to say in the pages of this book. 

In the opening pages, the author makes a proclamation that defines his approach to the subject: “I have since come to find myself utterly dedicated to exposing the often hidden connections between ancient ideologies and new dogmas, and discussing why we absolutely must recognize the significance of each both separately and together as a whole.” So saying, D.S. Causey moves on to establish a strong, intelligent, and interesting dialogue between faith and science, a dialogue that will leave readers informed while understanding the connection between faith and reason. Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World will have a strong appeal to readers who want to understand the origin of life and the ultimate destiny of all things. Remnants of Eden is as interesting and entertaining as it is informative, an intelligent answer to the questions that have haunted the human spirit for millennia.

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Hell & the Rich Man, Part 12

Those who are burning in Hell, those who will yet be cast into the fire, were not thrown into darkness by a vengeful god. They made a choice! An eternally regrettable one. They set their destiny by filling their plate with the lusts of the flesh! They anchored themselves to Hell – just as so many who are alive today – with every single sin. Christ is the only hope any of us have! Jesus is the only way to avoid the torment of Hell!

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