Merry Christmas from FOUNDRY4

I just want to take a moment today and wish you all a merry Christmas! I pray that it’s a blessed one for you, full of life and love, great sights and sounds, full bellies and full hearts, and endless good cheer. Most of all, I pray that on this day that is so often – and so easily – sullied by merchandising and commercialism, you remember what it’s all about, and what the celebration is meant to commemorate in the first place. This is not about Santa. It’s not about presents, or food, or eggnog. It’s about the birth of our Savior, a babe born some 2000 years ago who ultimately paid a price for each of us that we could never pay ourselves. Thank God for Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2018


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Godly Mothers

No matter how you cut it, mothers are absolutely critical in the lives of their children. They love us before they know us, feed and clothe us, putting us before themselves time and again. Mothers shape the way we think, the way we treat each other, even the way we hope to be treated by others. So, choices they make in loving us and raising us are critical not only to us but also to everyone we interact with. Love your mom with all your heart, appreciate them for how they love you, and take the time to think about the moms across this globe and across time. Though culture may differ, the love of a mother for their children, and the impact of that love on their worldview, knows no bounds.

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A Sacrifice & a Substitute

How many people are familiar with the story of Abraham and his call from God to sacrifice his only son? Oh, how this story has raised many an uncomfortable question for believers! Why did God promise Abraham a son and then command him to sacrifice him on an alter? Why would God do such a cruel thing, even if He ultimately spared him? Could there be a bit more below the surface?

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My Kiddos

I came across this piece I did a few months ago of my children and though I may take the opportunity to share it with you all here.


Katlyn is the oldest, 7, and is our little technophile, spending a lot of time on her tablet watching Minecraft tutorials. Annalise, 3, is our little curly-headed comedienne, always rushing about loudly doing what she can to get the attention she craves, and almost always accompanied by her partner-in-crime, Gundy. Then there is Elijah, 1, our red-haired daredevil who knows no fear, recognizes no limits, and abides by no restrictions. Since drawing this five months ago he has learned to run… God help us all.

These are my babies, and with them I am more blessed than I could ever hope to express.


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Thank you very much, and God bless!