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Welcome to the gallery! Periodically I’ll add new pieces to this page for you to view, and if you see something you like, let me know. Thank you, and God bless.

Collection 1: Remnants of Eden, Poster Gallery

As I have mentioned on occasion, I have spent the last several years writing and illustrating a book, Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-time, & the Antediluvian World. In preparation of whatever is to come of that endeavor, here is a taste of the work you can expect from within!

Collection 2: Remnants of Eden, Acts of Creation & Beyond (Part 1)

Also from my book, this one details several of the Days of Creation & Beyond.

Collection 3: Scientific Creation Posters

I was recently commissioned to do a couple of posters for a new Creation Museum. Here are two of those posters along with two others that I made while in the swing of it all. More to come in time.


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