Intelligent Automation for Housing Providers

Intelligent Automation for Housing Providers Report Front Cover

It's a tough time for the housing sector right now with organisations facing a host of new and pressing challenges

For those looking to rethink and reimagine how they operate for the future, Intelligent Automation (IA) can play a huge part in driving efficiencies, improving customer experience and freeing people up to focus on more value added aspects of their role.

Packed with practical advice and guidance based on extensive experience of implementing Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across multiple housing organisations and beyond, you'll learn how to:

  • create a robust and sustainable IA strategy
  • engage your people on your IA journey and develop a culture for automation
  • choose the right technology for you, build the business case for adoption and learn what great delivery looks like

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How Stonewater had to manage expectations as many teams across the organisation were keen to automate their processes, recognising the benefits it would bring and how Flagship Group really pushed the boundaries by using Intelligent Automation to set up a process which didn't originally exist. To download our guide, simply complete this short form and we'll send you a copy into your email inbox.

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