Intelligent Automation in Finance

A guide for Housing Providers

The social housing sector has not typically been quick to embrace change. This is partly by design - with housing providers prioritising stability over perceived risk-taking activity. However, faced with ageing IT systems, limited budgets, and increased pressure on services, housing providers must now find innovative ways to meet their clients’ needs. Often this is a matter of meeting raised expectations in the digital age. If private sector organisations can provide customer-centric, digital-first services, then tenants are likely to ask: why shouldn’t we expect the same from housing?

For finance teams across the housing sector

Intelligent Automation (IA) has been successfully implemented in finance in a range of different settings and industries to speed up response times, and improve the customer and staff experience.

What's in the ebook?

  • An overview of Intelligent Automation
  • The role Intelligent Automation can play for Housing Providers
  • Use cases of IA for finance teams across the housing sector
  • A case study featuring IA and Invoice processing at Peabody

Including use cases for...

  • Forecasting
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts payable
  • Digital rent collecting
  • Rent arrears
Including use cases for...