Intelligent Automation in Healthcare

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare Report Front Cover

How RPA and humans can collaborate to redesign services and drive efficiencies in your organisation

At a time when healthcare providers need to drive efficiencies, improve patient care and provide a better experience for employees, digital transformation has to be at the top of the agenda. But it’s not been easy.

Legacy technologies and complex organisational structures can make impactful change difficult to deliver in the sector, in spite of the commitment of talented individuals dedicated to making improvements. Add to this the COVID-19 pandemic and things become even more challenging.

Which is why we’ve created our practical guide to Intelligent Automation in Healthcare - to help those looking to find out more about the technology and how it can benefit your organisation.

Packed with practical advice and guidance based on extensive experience of implementing Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across multiple health providers and beyond, you'll read about:

Learn how to...

  • create a robust and sustainable Intelligent Automation (IA) strategy
  • engage your people on your IA journey and develop a culture for automation
  • choose the right technology for you, build the business case for adoption and learn what great delivery looks like
Learn how to...