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How technology can improve mental health patient care

Although recent efforts have been made to put mental health on a par with physical health - in terms of removing stigmas and improving access to services - many people suffering with mental health conditions still struggle to get the treatment they need. Years of underinvestment and failure to address the problem have only been made worse by the coronavirus pandemic, with successive lockdowns and economic uncertainty leading to a real mental health crisis in the UK.

Intelligent automation technology can improve the operational efficiency of mental health institutions, helping them to do more with the limited funds available, and ensuring that everyone struggling with mental health receives support and treatment as quickly as possible.

Download this ebook and learn...

  • What Intelligent Automation is, and some of its key benefits
  • Use cases for the technology within Mental Health Trusts
  • How others in the Healthcare sector are reaping the rewards
Download this ebook and learn...

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