Perfectly Armored, Part 8

In spiritual matters we should never forget how sinful we all are and easy it is for each of ua to fall. Though we all are made in God’s image, though the knowledge of Him is inescapable, each of us being without excuse as Romans 1:20 tells us, for many a little temptation is enough to bring one to the point of wickedness. Sin finds a way in and it distorts and destroys, and ultimately the result is a society so far from the truth that we can see nothing but evil, nothing but danger. Certainly nothing worth redemption…

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A Very Merry Christmas to You & Yours!

It’s Christmas, so I’ll be brief. I just want to wish you a wonder, amazing, fantastic Christmas this 2017! I pray that it’s a memorable one for you, full of life and love, great sights and sounds, full bellies and full hearts, and endless good cheer. Most of all, I pray that on this day that is so often – and so easily – sullied by merchandizing and commercialism, you remember what it’s all about, and what the celebration is meant to commemorate in the first place. This is not about Santa. It’s not about presents, or food, or eggnog. It’s about the birth of our Savior, a babe born some 2000 years ago who ultimately paid a price for each of us that we could never pay ourselves. Thank God for Christmas!


Merry Christmas, friends, and may it be a blessed one this 2017!

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