A Very Merry Christmas to You & Yours!

It’s Christmas, so I’ll be brief. I just want to wish you a wonder, amazing, fantastic Christmas this 2017! I pray that it’s a memorable one for you, full of life and love, great sights and sounds, full bellies and full hearts, and endless good cheer. Most of all, I pray that on this day that is so often – and so easily – sullied by merchandizing and commercialism, you remember what it’s all about, and what the celebration is meant to commemorate in the first place. This is not about Santa. It’s not about presents, or food, or eggnog. It’s about the birth of our Savior, a babe born some 2000 years ago who ultimately paid a price for each of us that we could never pay ourselves. Thank God for Christmas!


Merry Christmas, friends, and may it be a blessed one this 2017!

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Should the Bible be Proven?

As human beings, we go through life with a desire, a yearning even, for something tangible, something solid upon which to anchor our positions. Worldviews are born from this search. In fact, the quest for tangibility fueled the Enlightenment of centuries past, whereby many endeavored to cast superstition out of the way in order to perfect our understanding of reality. That quest ultimately led whole populations to repudiate the Biblical truths they had, for generations, embraced. It continues even now. Our modern world, more so than any other period, has conditioned many of us to such an extent that the old mantra of “seeing is believing” has become a condition of acceptance.

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A Merry Christmas for Wise Men

Last Christmas, my wonderful wife gave me an amazing gift. She found a collectible, hand-made set of the “first Christmas” gifts: the gold, frankincense, and myrrh that the wise men, or Magi, presented to Jesus when they found Him. I loved these finely-crafted reproductions, and thinking back on them today, I thought it could lead to a nice Christmas post. This week, a special Christmas day interruption of our ongoing examination, we will look at the figures behind those wonderful “first Christmas” gifts: the Wise men of the East.


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Ketos? Is That You? (Revisited)

A few weeks ago, I posted a few pictures of a sculpture I did of Jonah and the whale, that famous story from the Old Testament that recounts the journey of reluctant prophet and his mission to ancient Nineveh. Well, it goes without saying that, like so much elsewhere the Bible is concerned, there is far more to the story than may first be apparent…

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Powerful Prayer

Well, after a month of delving into the strange and paranormal, I’m ready to get back to the normal routine. In that light, do you know that you have within your arsenal one of the most powerful tools there is? Through it untold wonders could be brought to fruition. Famous leaders and great generals have relied on it, as have many explorers and adventurers alike. Doctors have utilized its power themselves, indeed many still suggest that patients do as well. Countless people through the ages have seen its impact and trust in its power. What is it? Prayer.

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