An Origin of Worth, Continued

What of Christianity? A recent study(1) revealed that some 42% of Americans believe that God created mankind in essentially its present state sometime during the last 10,000 years. A similar survey (Gallup, conducted in February 2001) revealed that some 48% of American favored creation over evolutionary origins. Perhaps providing some insight into the large scale acceptance of creation in America is the fact that it represents the most populous nation of Christians in the world, with some 70.6% of the population claiming to be Christian.(2) Outside of America’s borders, such views are rare in most cases, and essentially extinct in others.

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An Origin of Worth

I am a Biblical creationist, and as such I personally adhere to and publicly advocate that stance without hesitation. Further defined, I am a Young-Earth Biblical creationist, taking the Word of God very seriously, and expecting that (with exception to instances employing figures-of-speech and visions) the Bible says what it means and means what it says. Biblical creationism, not limited simply to the Young-Earth variety, (1) is by no means the only form of supernatural creation, and the differences, though subtle in some cases, set it apart from all others. What is it that makes Biblical creation different?

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The Christian Difference

There are at present approximately twenty major religions in this world, further divided into as many as three-hundred smaller classifications. With very few exceptions, most seem to be of the belief that theirs is the only “true” religion, and that all others are false. Some have suggested that all religions perhaps provide a path to that which we call God, yet by their very nature most religions are fervently exclusive for no other reason than their claim of truth, a declaration which immediately renders everything else a lie of some sort. Very few Muslims will suggest that a Christian will be happily accepted by Allah, just as very few Christian would expect a dedicated atheist to be found in Heaven. Advocates of such ecumenism – as it is called – are often woefully, perhaps even willingly, ignorant of this fact, yet it is absolutely vital in understanding that there can be but one path alone to the divine.

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In the Garden of God…

It’s a terrible truth that we – even dedicated believers – often painfully underestimate the power contained within the Scriptures. I will honestly say that there are portions of the Bible that, at times, feel to some as though they drag-on. This is our problem though, not some issue with the Word itself; we often desire to be entertained or provoked, and in the long passages of genealogical information and the like, some people find themselves slipping into disinterest. That’s not to say that this material isn’t valuable! Never make the mistake of ever considering anything in the Scriptures as useless or fluffy or just bulk material; every single word, every single phrase, every name and number has it place and purpose and is there because the Lord directed it to be. What’s really profound is when we take the time to dig into these places – indeed the Word as a whole – and see that there is so much more than just the obvious words on the page before us…

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Hell & the Rich Man, Part 12

Those who are burning in Hell, those who will yet be cast into the fire, were not thrown into darkness by a vengeful god. They made a choice! An eternally regrettable one. They set their destiny by filling their plate with the lusts of the flesh! They anchored themselves to Hell – just as so many who are alive today – with every single sin. Christ is the only hope any of us have! Jesus is the only way to avoid the torment of Hell!

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Hell & the Rich Man, Part 10

He’s begging, him, this rich man. He knows it’s too late for him, but he is begging in this passage for an opportunity – some way or another – to warn those headed in his footsteps. What happens next? This figure he sees as Abraham answers, and he says what? He says they have the Scriptures, let them read them!
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Hell & the Rich Man, Part 9

You have a choice to make, friend. Do you live for the flesh? Do you choose to fill your belly with all the good things of this world, and all the delicious sins it has to offer? Or, do you acknowledge the God of creation, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the Author of Salvation! Don’t waste your life…

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Hell & the Rich Man, Part 8

The rich man found himself in Hell. He looked up and saw Lazarus, the man who in life was not worthy of his attention and his mercy. Now though, as he writhes in agony in the darkness – where the worm dies not, and the fire is not quenched – he cries out to the figure of Abraham as he sees it, calling to him louder than we can imagine Lazarus ever cried out at his gate!

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