A Momentary Diversion…

For the last few weeks, we have been looking at the early days of the Creation Account of Genesis. For now though, for the next few posts, I thought I’d change-up the material some, just to give us all a bit of a break. Today, short and sweet, I want to share a few new pieces of work I’ve been putting together for some new projects.

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Gallery Update: New Posters Added

Hi there. It’s been a few busy weeks but I found time to post a new collection of art tonight. I was recently commissioned to produce some posters for a new Creation Museum that is currently being developed, so here are two of those pieces along with two others I made while in the habit. Check them and other my other posted pieces out here, or if you have already seen the others, just scroll down to see the newest additions. God bless.

Collection 3: Scientific Creation Posters


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Gallery Update: New Collection Added

Good evening, everyone. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I just added a new collection to the Gallery Page. This new collection features more illustrations from my (hopefully soon to be published) book. Check them out if you get time, and if you haven’t seen the first collection, please give that a look also. Enjoy, and God  bless.

Collection 2: Remnants of Eden, Acts of Creation & Beyond (Part 1)

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