Decisions & Loss

Believers should understand the absolute criticality of obeying the Lord. They should heed His word and follow His instructions and commands. Sadly though, we all tend to lose sight of that reality from time to time. True, He is a loving God. He is a merciful Father, full of compassion and grace. Even so, forgiveness is not always without repercussions, and like a good earthly father, sometimes and act of disciple is needed to set our eyes back where they belong, a whipping, so to speak, to remind us later of our misdeeds, and perhaps to keep us on the straight and narrow. This is just what Joshua and his people faced in the time after Jericho…

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Walls Coming Down

Chapter 6 of the Book of Joshua gives us one of its most memorable accounts, that being none other than the Battle of Jericho.

Now, this tale has been told and retold for millennia, with many renditions of it over the years spanning not only documentary-style investigations of the account and Biblical commentaries, but also novels, films, and even comics ! As such, this will not be an exhaustive look at the account, but rather a refresher concerning some of the finer details of the matter, though even within this somewhat abridged look we may yet find some aspects that have long been overlooked…

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A Stranger on the Shore

Chapter 5 of Joshua opens by describing the fear that was in the hearts of the Amorites and Canaanites, the occupiers of the Promised Land, after they had not only heard of the conquests of the Israelites, but also because of what they had seen them do at the Jordan, their God halting the flow of those waters so that the Children of the Nation could pass across on dry land. After a few verses that testify to the Divine command for all of the men to physically and spiritually rededicate themselves to the Lord, we find in verse 13 how a stranger appeared to Joshua…

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