Precision & Tuning

Design speaks of creation, and creation must be attributed to an intelligence. Over the last few weeks, this has been the basis of our exploration. We have, before ever even touching on the particulars of cosmology, biology, and other fields, established that the very makeup of our reality, one bearing rational laws and structural integrity, speaks of a creator. This week we find that the elements of design go deeper. The universe, it seems, was made for us in particular.

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Disposing of Value(s)

I’m a fairly young guy yet, only being 32 years of age at the time of this writing. Even so, I do have a recollection of the days when things were built to last, and when those things lasted they were always appreciated. Since reaching adulthood though, I’ve went through several pieces of modern furniture (everything from end tables and coffee tables to cabinets, tv stands, and many, many bookshelves) only to have each in time collapse into an irreparable pile of crumbling presswood. I look at these pitiful heaps and then consider how much of the furniture and decorations of my youth, such as my parent’s old coffee table, are still in good shape today, being of a good condition and sturdy integrity. What does this say about us as a modern people?

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Ketos? Is That You? (Revisited)

A few weeks ago, I posted a few pictures of a sculpture I did of Jonah and the whale, that famous story from the Old Testament that recounts the journey of reluctant prophet and his mission to ancient Nineveh. Well, it goes without saying that, like so much elsewhere the Bible is concerned, there is far more to the story than may first be apparent…

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Concealed Confirmations

Without a doubt, the single greatest revelation that I have experienced in life is that Christ is truly who He claimed to be. Along with that came my understanding that His Word, the Holy Bible, was a work of transcendent knowledge providing comfort, strength, and hope in the hearts of billions over the ages. One of the most fascinating aspects about the Bible though is that, despite the fervent cries of the many who oppose it, there are aspects of its being which invariably bolster its claims of being the Word of God. In this post I want to look at just a few of these aspects that are found in a single verse: Genesis 1:1.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

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Powerful Prayer

Well, after a month of delving into the strange and paranormal, I’m ready to get back to the normal routine. In that light, do you know that you have within your arsenal one of the most powerful tools there is? Through it untold wonders could be brought to fruition. Famous leaders and great generals have relied on it, as have many explorers and adventurers alike. Doctors have utilized its power themselves, indeed many still suggest that patients do as well. Countless people through the ages have seen its impact and trust in its power. What is it? Prayer.

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In the Dark: Witches, Wizards, & Halloween

By now, our culture being what it is -what it is being shaped into, I should say- you likely have heard of the Wiccan belief system. It is from this religion that the modern “witch” has arisen, and it may surprise you to know that, though it was once a very taboo practice, especially here in good ol’ puritanical America, it has in recent times seen a kind of rebirth. In fact, according to a fairly recent press release, Wicca is set to blossom into the third largest religion in America over the next few years¹ 

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Ketos? Is That You?


Over the last week I was able to build my first sculpture in a long time, and it shall be the first I present here (Details on construction for those interested: Crayola Air Dry Clay, Aluminum Foil, Wire, Acrylic Paint, and High Gloss Aerosol Enamel). This is my take on the Biblical story of the reluctant prophet, Jonah, who was cast overboard the ship he was on and subsequently eaten by a whale (Jonah 1:7-2:10; Matthew 12:40). In any event, that’s all I have to say about the account tonight, but as the story of Jonah has been on my mind quite a bit lately, expect to see a detailed post on that subject soon. Enjoy the pictures, and God bless.




P.S.: In case you are wondering “What the heck kinda whale is that?!” well, stay tuned, because as I said, a supplementary post is indeed forthcoming, and it will not disappoint in regard to what may be new revelations concerning that famous prophet and his close encounter with a great fish

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In the Dark: Werewolves

For some, there is power within the darkness. In the cool of night, around a small campfire, amidst furious chanting and pleading with the dark father of sin, they commission from him powers and unnatural abilities in order to see his corruption spread. It is from such events, we are told, that some of the legends of werewolves arose… Continue reading “In the Dark: Werewolves”

In the Dark: Lake & Sea Monsters

The human race has long held a fascination with water. Considering that it is as necessary as it is dangerous, it’s easy to see why. We have used water to our benefit time and again, irrigating crops that would otherwise be left to shrivel and die under a blazing sun, harvesting from the oceans untold tons of fish and seafood in order to sustain our lives and livelihoods, and pushing far into the unknown reaches of terra incognita through inlets, channels, and rivers. Aside from their more practical applications, water holds a great spiritual significance too, such as the symbolism associated with the practice of immersion in Christian baptism

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