Perfectly Armored, Part 8

In spiritual matters we should never forget how sinful we all are and easy it is for each of ua to fall. Though we all are made in God’s image, though the knowledge of Him is inescapable, each of us being without excuse as Romans 1:20 tells us, for many a little temptation is enough to bring one to the point of wickedness. Sin finds a way in and it distorts and destroys, and ultimately the result is a society so far from the truth that we can see nothing but evil, nothing but danger. Certainly nothing worth redemption…

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Perfectly Armored, Part 2

Last time, we began looking at the Book of Ephesians, Chapter 6. There, believers in Christ are instructed to put on the “whole armor of God.” It’s a fascinating admonishing, and the text reveals much about what we face each day, and the power behind it. The message continues today as we go deeper into the Scriptures…

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Perfectly Armored, Part 1

Man is a peculiar creature. We have, from the beginning, been somewhat predisposed to conflict, war, and strife. Domestically we have confrontations with our friends and neighbors, arguments with family and loved-ones. On a broader scale, we sometimes engage in battles that rob thousands of their lives and freedoms. We make all kinds of excuses for these things, both conflicts close to home and abroad. We justify them endlessly in one capacity or another.

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