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Delving into some of the most important – albeit most controversial – questions of all time, this 5-star Award winning book examines the Biblical and scientific arguments on the origins of the world, the nature of reality, and the concept of time. “Remnants of Eden: Evolution, Deep-Time, & the Antediluvian World” offers a fresh, artistic, and well-researched perspective on the seemingly futile arguments that have baffled intellectuals, scientists and philosophers for millennia. Get your copies today in print or digital!

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Compartmentalizing Genesis

The fact that we see design throughout life shouldn’t surprise us if we realize that there is a designer behind it all. This universe is no accident, nor is the life that resides in it. Design is evident, and with that we have a first and compelling argument for the existence of a transcendent creator God. The way Genesis presents this God also appears to preemptively oppose the coming false interpretations of His being and creation. Continue reading “Compartmentalizing Genesis”

A Glimpse of Something Greater

For some, belief comes easy. Others however – much like who I was at the start of my walk with God – require a booster of tangible evidence to jump start their walk down the path of righteousness. For those who lie somewhere in between, comfort can be found in the clear declaration of design seen across our universe.

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In The Beginning, Part 2

Now, as with so much else, it has become fashionable over the years to reject the Christian faith. While some reject it wholesale – dismissing the belief system as nothing more than a useless emotion-fueled vestige of yesteryear – others however take a more measured stance concerning it, and in many cases, do more damage than those who simply abandon religion.

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A Systematic Elimination, Part 2

To be clear, I’m certain that most educators do not possess sinister ambitions in regard to their pupils, nor do they have much choice in what they teach or how they teach it. That duty tends to lie in the hands of those above them, controlled by various boards and councils and governmental bodies.

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