In the Dark: Werewolves

For some, there is power within the darkness. In the cool of night, around a small campfire, amidst furious chanting and pleading with the dark father of sin, they commission from him powers and unnatural abilities in order to see his corruption spread. It is from such events, we are told, that some of the legends of werewolves arose… Continue reading “In the Dark: Werewolves”

In the Dark: Lake & Sea Monsters

The human race has long held a fascination with water. Considering that it is as necessary as it is dangerous, it’s easy to see why. We have used water to our benefit time and again, irrigating crops that would otherwise be left to shrivel and die under a blazing sun, harvesting from the oceans untold tons of fish and seafood in order to sustain our lives and livelihoods, and pushing far into the unknown reaches of terra incognita through inlets, channels, and rivers. Aside from their more practical applications, water holds a great spiritual significance too, such as the symbolism associated with the practice of immersion in Christian baptism

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In the Dark: Sasquatch

Something draws you from your rest as you sit up in your sleeping bag. It’s cool out; your breath mistily hangs in the air. You stir for a moment, trying in vain to again find comfort there in your tent, and then, without warning you are chilled into still silence in an instant. Your eyes grow wide in the dark, your ears straining against their natural limitations to sense something, anything, out there in the forest… and then you hear it. You hold your breath, listening intently, as you hear it breathing deeply, like a big horse. It’s lumbering mass is surprisingly agile, stealthy even, as it somehow takes long strides that issue only the slightest trace of fur brushing against fur periodically broken by heavy footfalls atop damp leaves. The odor of it burns your nose. Like a foul combination of rotten flesh and wet fur, it is absolutely dreadful. Without warning, that terrible thing lingering beyond the thin plastic wall of your tent shatters the night with an unnatural bellow, and you know without a doubt that you are in the presence of the legendary sasquatch…

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