Putting it Together, Part 2

Things then began to move quite quickly indeed! Faster than the blink of an eye, the matter within the Deep separated. The majority of that hot matter pulled away on powerful, consecutive pulses of energy, with each wave reverberating through the ethereal corridor of swirling twilight like ripples on a pond, its oscillating wake like a banded pattern of denser and thinner concentrations of matter. The dense stream of matter thus began to ascended the well towards the distant event horizon, and a great gulf developed between there and the Euclidean Zone.

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Putting it Together, Part 1

Where does that leave us after all these weeks of meticulously sorting through the details? With all the talk of unseen energy, crystalline-lattice canopies, and space-time distortion, one may find their head spinning as they attempt to reconcile it all. With that in mind, I offer you – as best I can – a brief glimpse into the goings-on of the first two days of Creation. Take it for what it is – high speculation at best – and feel free if so led to formulate your own construction of the synthesis between the Scriptures and science. All I can provide is what I imagine based on what I have come to believe…

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Energy Beyond Belief

The power in simple, “empty” space would amaze you. Consider this: if a cubic centimeter-sized vacuum is dropped to a temperature of absolute zero (-459.67 degrees below zero), all atomic movement ceases. Even so, there is still a certain degree of detectable,  irreducible thermal energy radiating from it. What can this be if all atomic energy has stalled?

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The Waters Above, Part 2

Atmospherically, a canopy would effectively produce a series of very particular climatic effects. There would, for instance, be a global stabilization of atmospheric conditions, promoting tropical to subtropical temperatures across the planet. Further, there would be very little wind. The high humidity of those conditions would manifest itself in the mornings and evenings as dense fogs and mists. As strange as that first sounds, it gets a bit stranger yet as there would be no atmospheric precedent for rain on the land! The only precipitation would be found above bodies of water, directly above regions of high evaporation.

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The Waters Above, Part 1

Embracing mayim as pure water – as opposed to some fervent plasma – has led a number of commentators to suggest the existence of an early atmospheric canopy. There are many researchers in the field of creation (the Institute for Creation Research, for instance) that speculate, both from linguistic analysis and physical evidence, that there was a “canopy” of sorts in the atmosphere in the early earth. Many canopy theorists postulate that this structure was global, encapsulating the planet within a densely-packed atmospheric region of vapor or condensation.

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Exotic Plasmas & Quantum Realities

There are generally four basic states of matter accepted within physics: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. While most of us are quite reasonably familiar with the first three, the fourth – plasma – is rarely encountered in our day-to-day lives. Plasma is essentially a material state that precedes the formation of true, assembled molecules, being composed of ions and free electrons. Plasmas would present themselves quite a bit like a gas, but in reality they are truly distinct.

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A Wise Celebration of Christmas, Part 3

The gifts of the Wise Men hold significance in and of themselves. As we are told in the scriptures (Matthew 2:11), the Magi presented the young Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Apart from the general richness of these gifts, there is vast meaning hidden within each, and certainly this was understood by those who presented them to the Messiah.

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